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Please! Beverage Co. X Hello Nori

Beverage Company, celebrating their new and first ever collaboration. In conjunction with popular artisan, hand roll, sushi bar Hello Nori they are launching an already to drink canned cocktail that pairs well with the entire fresh seafood and rice menu of Hello Nori.

This is a can that is already on the local cocktail company’s roster, but reimagined to fit with Hello Nori’s cohesive brand. And it will be offered at each of their restaurant locations, as a low alcohol drink option.

This is their Sparkling Green Tea & Osmanthus cocktail. Previously named just listing its flavour ingredients, but today rebranded as “Hello Ocha”, in Hello Nori’s signature catch phrase and rusted red colouring. “Ocha” is the Japanese word for tea; which it essentially is, but with a lot more in tow.

A mix of green tea and osmanthus at an easy drinking 3.9% ABV. It honestly tastes more like tea than a spiked beverage. And that was the intention of this collaboration. The vision was to have a drink to pair with all of their hand rolls, fresh fish, and grilled seafood options. A lighter, less sweeter beverage when you don’t want wine, sake, or cocktails.

On this day we were able to test the pairing out for ourselves with a can in one hand and a roll in the other. Guests had ability to try and enjoy Hello Nori’s top selling hand rolls in spicy shrimp, king salmon, truffle lobster, and cucumber for the vegetarians. And each one did benefitted from the citrus notes of Please Beverage’s spiked tea. And like you would order an iced tea or any Chinese tea with any meal, it complimented the food just as much here.

Little did we know this would be the first of a handful of up and coming collaborations from this Please! As the day after this launch, they announced another collaboration with North Vancouver’s popular, classic donut shop: Cream Pony.

On Sunday, July 7th from 12-8pm, while supplies last Please Beverage Co. X Cream Pony will hosting a pop up at Please!  Together, they will be bringing Mount Pleasant Cream Pony’s popular crispy fried chicken doughnut sliders to pair with Please Beverage Co.’s easy drinking cocktails. Where it will be all day Happy Hour with 25% off all beverages!


Please! Beverage Co.
222 W 5th ave, Vancouver, BC, V5Y 1J4

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