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Pourhouse, happy hour

We were planning a night of heavy drinking so knew we had to eat a solid meal to get us ready for what was to come.

Looking for something tasty in Gastown we ventured into Pourhouse, just in time for Happy Hour.

The space has a vintage prohibition, speakeasy style with metallurgy and copper detailing.

To whet the appetite we took advantage of their happy hour drinks, the likes of discount house wine in either red, white, rose, or sparking for $11.

They are known for their signature burger, which I contemplated getting, but with a $9 happy hour burger you can get and upgrade for extra available, it seemed like a waste not to get it.

My guests added bacon to their Single smash burger with a patty of brisket and chuck, American cheese, diced onion, pickles, and Pourhouse’s secret sauce. The burger was plenty tasty as is, but I would make it better by not only adding on bacon, but a fried egg and foie gras as well. The latter was a $15 add on, which elevated the burger making it not only tastier with depth, but it also added moisture with its rich creaminess. There just wasn’t enough of it for an even foie gras to rest of the burger ratio. You would have had to order 3-4 servings to have enough to cover all the patty with sumptuous duck liver.

As the burger came with no sides, we ordered all the available happy hour finger foods to share. All of which matched the meat in bread well.

Onion rings with a sweeter honey mustard dip. Each round was crispy and crunchy, and exactly as expected.

Scotch egg with fennel sausage, soft boiled egg, a panko crust, and spicy mayo. A more filling snack with crispy breading over salt meat and creamy yolk, coated in a tangy sauce.

The Truffle tots were a fun one. Taking these puffs of potatoes and elevating them with truffle was an easy win. Tater tots, truffle salsa, and grand padano. And best of all you didn’t need too much sauce to get the flavour of truffle, so there was plenty of dip available for all the tots.

The chips and dip were a classic house made thicker chips with a good crunch, served with a sour cream and onion dipping sauce. If you are a fan of sour cream and onion chips in those cellophane bags, this one is a must try. All the flavours your like, but make it gourmet.

In closing this was a delicious and quick happy hour. We were satisfied and off on our next adventure. Can recommend.

Pourhouse Restaurant
162 Water St, Vancouver, BC V6B 1B2
(604) 568-7022

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