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Resurrection Spirits, #NegroniChallengeYVR

I fancy myself well versed in the local alcoholic beverage scene, so was surprised to learn that East Vancouver has its own distillery in Resurrection Spirits.

This is one of the many reasons why I am so appreciative of being able to judge any of Vancouver Foodster’s challenges. It gives me the opportunity to try new restaurants or bars/lounges, I might not otherwise have heard of.

Today’s duties as one of the 3 judges for this year’s negroni challenge had me visiting for their take on this popular Italian cocktail, and staying to try their line of small batch spirits.

They are a lounge/bar up front, with their single still at the back. Guests can stop by for a drink or two, a couple of small bites, and/or to pick up one of their bottled spirits. Given how limited each of their releases are, they do not have the quantity to be stocked in BCL, so if not here you can also find their products in smaller, private liquor stores.

To be able to help us decide what to order and discern what it is we were tasting in any of their cocktails, we did a spirit flight. Sipping our way through each, this is our first blush opinions; literally and figuratively.

We found Resurrection Spirits’ vodka one of the smoothest for sipping, and admittedly a lot easier going than Grey Goose at its premium price.

Their Gin too light with a waft of floral notes as you sip. Clean on the palate with some herbal spice. A mild, easy drinking gin overall.

At this point we realize that Resurrection Spirits’ entire distilled line is friendly and approachable. Their signature style can be a crushable shot.

Whereas the Pale Rye was a faint whisper, the Rye Whiskey was a loud talk. Full bodied with a clean mouth finish.

Discontinued and no longer available for purchase is their Special Release whiskey. This one is even stronger and fuller with a creamier finish. It is such a shame that they only have the 1 still, and that the work required to dismantle it and make a batch of this (at the sacrifice of all the other spirits), is not worth the trouble. So we will just have to appreciate the fact that we were able to taste this here.

Now equipped with a frame of reference for their spirits, it was time to have their cocktails. I suggest doing as we did and opting for a sampler flight before diving into their glasses to appreciate it what’s to come, all the more.

This Melon is Doing Thyme is prepared with Resurrection Spirits Gin, Fresh Watermelon, Fresh Thyme, and Fresh Lemon; with Watermelon Cube Garnish. This is their most popular cocktail and definitely one of the most photogenic in pink. Given the focus on the fruit it is no surprise that this is tropically refreshing, with the summer time flavour of watermelon and the brightness of citrus.

Similarly, the Paloma Fizz was a happy summer time fruity cocktail. Prepared with Resurrection Spirits Vodka, Aperol, Fresh Lime Juice, and Pink Grapefruit. Topped with soda and finished with a Black Salt Garnish. Sweet with tangy the grapefruit. A lick of the salt rim only helps to highlight the sweetness of the fruit.

With all this drinking, you probably need some food. They don’t have a full kitchen, nor are there foodtrucks parked outside. Instead, nibble on jerky and bags of chips. The most fulsome item on their menu is their charcuterie boards. You choose 3 meats and/or cheese from a list of 6, and they are served with Crostini Bread, Pickles, Mixed Nuts, Dried Dates, Grapes, Apple Slices, and Dijon. Completely necessary if you are going to take on a few glasses. Here, we had the Honey Bee Gouda, Bison Salami, and Sopressata Picante. Simple picking food. I just wish that the crusty bread was a lot softer as a base, for what is essentially ham and cheese bites.

And last but not least, the reason why we came in the first place, their negroni challenger. This is the Post Nap Negroni, given its name due its pick-me-up properties. The goal was to keep this the classic that it is, and for it to still be a negroni at its core, but to be able make substitutions with ingredients that would give it a new approach. Coconut washed Gin, Espresso Bean Infused Campari, Amaro Montenegro, and Cynar.

The devils are in the details and we were fully impressed by the stamping of the ice cube, leaving their mark (logo) on the negroni. I have never seen this done anywhere else.

Although sadly it does get covered by a sprinkling of torched shredded coconut atop. You smell the fragrant coconut and taste the smokey essence of roasted coffee. Ideal for those who like a stiffer drink.

Be sure to try this and the other Negroni Challengers and vote for your favourite at the link below.

Glad to have found a new bar in Resurrection Spirits. Definitely one to check out the next time you are in East Vancouver.

Resurrection Spirits
1672 Franklin St, Vancouver, BC V5L 1P4
(604) 253-0059

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