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Richmond Night Market 2022: New Vendors

Tonight I tagged along with Eileen of @misseileensoo, to cover the inaugural launch of the Richmond Night Market. This was the season’s opening, with the market being back to full capacity. We were allowed in hours before, to get the lay of the land, while avoiding the crowds.

As North America’s largest outdoor Asian market place, there is so much to see and do. Therefore, in this post, I will only be identify and featuring 10 new stalls on their very first run at the Richmond Night Market. With subsequent visits and posts to come, and additional food related topics to discuss.

In the order that we visited them, here are 10 vendors new to the Richmond night market and their predicted best selling menu items.

Booth F79
Talay Kork is serving up authentic Thai style seafood pancakes. They are best served crispy so are made to order using a specialty cast iron plate, flown in from Thailand. A batter is poured over each of the dimpled slots, and an assortment of seafood is hand placed into each one. Shrimp, squid, mussel, or imitation crab meat. Next an egg mixture coats the pancake as it begins to bake. Oil is added as the edges are scraped, in order to create the dish’s signature crispy edges. Once cooked, each bubble is scooped, plated, and dressed with your choice of sauce.

This Thai street food stall is also well known for their refreshing Thai papaya salad, and the staff who serve it to you in their branded costumes that had me thinking of Super Mario.

Booth F103
Simply named “Bao”, you know what you getting from this one. Steamed bun dough formed into patties and halved for a bao Sammie. Filled with ingredients like sausage, fried cod, and crispy chicken. This is their soft shell crab one with a whole deep fried to order crab, slaw, and plenty of spicy mayo.

Not available this initial run, but sometime in the near future is their “mystery bun”. Giving fans and those curious, reason to return to see what it could be.

Booth F42
At the Chicken Cracklin stand they are offering deep fried chicken skin fried twice and topped with the likes of yuzu garlic, soy mayo, mapo tofu, and salted egg yolk. This is their curry laksa, gently sauced as to not over power the natural saltiness of the crackling.

I especially liked their travel theme, where numbers are boarding passes and customers pick up their completed order from “baggage claims”

Booth F60
Hi Yogurt offers yogurt based drinks in flavours like Ovaltine, coffee, strawberry, and mango. Get each in a regular plastic cup, or upgrade to a reusable jug that you can wear over your shoulder or around you neck, for easy night market dining. Because as you know, you need both hands to best eat and walk the busy food aisles of the market. We had the strawberry and choose it on the daisy printed lanyard.

But their show stopper and sure to be on this year’s trendiest food items list is their Ramen yogurt drink. Only available in a plastic disposable cup, where they invert the lid and use it as a bowl for strands of pudding noodles (ramen), crystal boba, and a gummy candy fried egg. So you take a sip of the tangy yogurt drink and finish it off with a bite of the jelly dessert. How fun.

Booth F53
Oh! Nigiri! Grills up their premade, hand rolled triangular rice balls to order. Each is sauced and topped, then finished off with a nice char from the flame of a torch. Available in a curry beef or omelette. We had the spam and kimchi, along with their best selling unagi shisho butter.

Not available tonight, but something to return for is their purple ube Mont Blanc, sweet nigiri option. This is another one that I am predicting will be one of the trendiest food items of 2022’s Richmond Night Market.

Booth F49
Tea Cubed Patisserie is crafting cream puff ice cream sandwiches. Their puffs are harder than your typical cream puff shell. They are filled with a generous scoop of ice cream and then topped according to your choice of flavour combination. Cookie butter + Hong Kong milk tea, Yakult yogurt + guava green tea, and BC milk and coffee tea. The matcha Oreo comes with chunks for cookie bits and a squeeze of cream. Each is finished with a little squeeze vial of sauce for extra flavour.

Booth F08
It is hard to miss and ignore the boys of Bao Bites, using their exuberant energy and tongue and cheek humour to draw in a crowd for samples. They offer an ice cream sundae of sorts with a deep fried bun as its base, topped with ice cream and an assortment of sweets depending on your chosen flavour like espresso or mango. This is their strawberry with vanilla ice cream, condense milk, and icing sugar.

Booth F10
Mochido is bringing the trendy mochi doughnuts to the night market scene. They look like a bubbly ring, something a toddler would tethe on; especially the neon fusion dragonfruit and lychee flavoured one and the matcha green ring. My favourite is the sweet and savoury salted brown butter mochi doughnut with its distinctive chewy mochi texture.

Booth F66
This year Momo’s is the only one offering dumplings. These are Himalayan dumplings in pork or beef, dressed mild or spicy. The chilli momo is absolutely one of the most flavourful dumplings I have to date.

Booth F44
Burma Betty is the only option for Burmese food in the city, that I know of. And these are their best selling dishes.

The coconut noodle soup is not to be confused with Laksa. It is more like Laksa lite, with the essence of coconut milk making the connection. A good introduction to Laksa, with the seafood helping to add texture and taste. Though what threw me off was the raw red onion adding its brand of peppery freshness to an otherwise familiar mix.

The split pea fritter is similar to a pakora, crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside. The flavour comes from unique sour dipping sauce.

In closing, with 500 different international food items this year, there are so much to try, hopefully this guide helps you weed through some of it.

Richmond Night Market
8351 River Rd, Richmond, BC V6X 1Y4
(604) 244-8448

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