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Rocky Mountain Flatbread, take home kits

Rocky Mountain Flatbread is making winter entertaining stress free with easy to make drink and pizza kits. Boxed sets that offer an easy meal time solution or creative activity for the family, especially given the latest round of restrictions.

Rocky Mountain is better known for their farm to pizza food philosophy, featuring local and organic produce, Ocean Wise seafood, and free-range organic meats. They pride themselves on supporting over 50 local farmers and small business suppliers since 2004. And boast 100% nut-free restaurant that offers gluten-free, vegan, and vegetarian options; with a family first philosophy.

Today we would make dinner a DIY affair with their newest cocktail kit and one of their frying pan pizza kits. I was able to easily grab and take to go a couple of these prepackaged kits. Everything you need to recreate their pizzas at home minus a stove/oven and frying pan. Plus the perfect drinks to pair with it, and all that you will need to prepare them. This includes a shaker, a measuring tool, and even drinking vessels.

Each set is boxed up nice for gifting, with easy to follow instructions for foolproof execution. I won’t be walking you through that here. Only to say that if you want the visual rundown, visit my Instagram page: @magmei for the real execution of both the cocktail and pizza making process.

Each cocktail kit comes with the ability to make two different cocktails; and speaking from experience: enough to make 4-5 servings of each. As I mentioned earlier, everything you need is included, except for ice. A small plastic cup to measure ounces out, a mason jar to shake, not stir. And you can either serve your completed beverage as is, in the mason jar shaker; or pour your finished cocktail into the whimsical mule cup included. Doing so, before you finish it off with a dried lime wheel.

The “Earls just wanna have fun” is a nice festive cocktail, playing on the warmth of the season and its use of spiced apples, cranberries, and earl grey tea. Both cocktails features Stoli vodka.

The “Cosmonaut cocktail” is more effervescent. It brings together a cosmopolitan and a Moscow mule in one glass. Stoli vodka, orange liqueur, lime juice, and cranberry juice. Finishing it off with ginger beer makes this a great aperitif.

As for our dinner. The frying pan pizza makes 2 individual sized pizzas. Available in a margarita or mushroom. Having tried both, I prefer the latter featuring plenty of sautéed BC mushrooms on top of fior di latte, Parmesan, arugula, and truffle oil.

Rocky Mountain has some how made it possible to prepare their popular flatbreads at home, trading their traditional pizza oven for your stove top and broiler. And believe you me, this method holds up. Be warned, for the best results, you need to follow the assembly instructions, allowing the cheese to fully melt, the crust to perfectly brown, and greens to stay fresh and crisp.

I won’t go into too much detail here, except to say it is a fun experience and a fun way to get the whole family involved in dinner prep. I highly recommend trying it for yourself, because you will definitely want to do it again soon after.

And the best part it tastes delicious, and you made it! Either stay true to the recipe or build on a great thing by adding additional toppings as you see fit, or based on personal preference.

We made one with the addition of prosciutto and thought to fully load another with thin slices of potato, vegan sausage, pancetta, and chilli flakes.

In conclusion, take the prep work out of dinner, make cooking a family affair, or keep the kids entertained with one of Rocky Mountain’s frying pizza kits. And why not pick yourself up one of their cocktail kits while your at it, cause adults need to have fun too!


Rocky Mountain Flatbread, Main Street
4186 Main St, Vancouver, BC V5V 3Y7
(604) 566-9779

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