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Royal Vancouver Yacht Club, Chaîne des Rôtisseurs

As the newly minted Dame de la Chaîne, it seemed only fitting that my first event as an official member be the AGM dinner and auction. This is the annual general meeting recapping the club’s activities over the past year (or in this case, past two years). The discussion surrounded the challenges a social food and drink club might have during a world wide pandemic.

The occasion was held at the Royal Vancouver Yacht Club, a members only Marina-side clubhouse with a no cell phone policy. They took a break from their restrictions to host this gathering of epicureans who enjoy accompanying their dining with photos. This would be my first time taking in the venue like this, and as a non yacht club member, tonight was only possible thanks to my membership with Chaîne des Rôtisseurs.

This was a year in the recap times two, as our chair members spoke to all the successes from 2020-2022, ending with a look forward to the future events, rounding out this year. Of which the latter includes a luxe Thai dinner; a long awaited return to L’Abattoir; and visiting the newly titled best restaurant in Canada: Published on Main.

On top of the AGM report and the celebration of special guests and new members, attendees enjoyed wines from La Chaine’s private cellar paired with a help yourself cheese and preserves with cracker table.

This was followed by a buffet prepared by the Royal Vancouver Yacht culinary team that spanned two rooms. As per our head chef, the inspiration was Dubai inspired. What one might see at a Dubai buffet. A collection of dishes designed to capture many international guests and their varied tastes. Lots of different flavours from different parts of the world, given excitement and visual interest through more elaborate and dynamic presentations.

Like the ice tower with themed ice sculpture. The former was a tower of three layers, showcasing raw oysters in a half shell, half cracked snow crab legs, peel prawns, and de-shelled lobster tails. Followed by all the possible accompaniment of condiments and smoked and raw salmon.

I especially liked the beef carvery table, which is a fine staple at many noteworthy buffets. A whole roast sliced down to order with a red wine jus, mustard, and an extra spicy horse radish. The beef was so tender, when paired with the selection of crisp cast iron sautéed seasonal vegetables.

The taste of Asia tables was an assortment of nigiri and maki sushi and rolls. Either dressed in sauces or available for self seasoning with soy, pickled ginger and wasabi.

The build your own pasta table was also a fun one. Guests chose between penne, cheese stuffed tortellini, or bow tie pasta and had it covered with marinara, Alfredo, pesto, or a combination of any two for pasta done their way.

The hot buffet line included soup and salad options and troths of roasted vegetables, baked salmon, and chicken.

But it was the dessert table that won the most attention. A collection of confections that included a chocolate fondue tower, red velvet cake, tiramisu, and green tea brownies.

Try as I may there was no way I was able to finish this all. In fact I could barely get past my two fully loaded plates.

Not to mention I was saving room for all the wine they were pouring at the bar and available at each table for self service.

The night concluded with a selection of unique blind and live auction items that have been assembled to help raise funds in support of La Chaîne Jeunes Chefs program and their culinary scholarships. As a culinary inspired social group, Chaîne des Rôtisseurs is dedicated to supporting the future of bright and upcoming chefs, providing assistance for them to compete in an international level.

In closing this was a nice introduction to the organization and well as the yacht club. The next event is two years in the making at L’Abattoir.

Royal Vancouver Yacht Club
3811 Point Grey Rd, Vancouver, BC V6R 1B3
(604) 224-1344

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