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Saba Bistro

Today we were in Fort Langley for lunch. Here to visit Saba, a well known cafe, now with a new location offering a larger sit down menu in their bistro spin off.

The restaurant is wonderfully spacious. It opens up with clean lines and natural light. Causal with a dash of elegance from the ring light fixtures and dimpled upholstered booths. It speaks the same characteristic as their approachable menu with wafts of finer dining.

We paired the Lamb Burger with their soup of the day: a vegan tomato bisque. The alternative was a salad, so our choice was clear. The zesty herbaceous-ness of the soup went well with the lamb patty, given their similar seasoning profile.

It also acted like a sauce giving the and lean patty so more richness, one that we expected and didn’t get from the initial bite. House made lamb patty served on a brioche bun with a marinated red onion salsa, fresh greens & tzatziki.

We couldn’t remember when was the last time we had Mussels & Frittes so indulged in their very generous serving of Fresh Salt Spring Island mussels in their Italian style sauce; a choice made over their green Thai curry option. The sauce had so much flavour and punch, the fries didn’t have enough surface area to soak any of it up with.

The Taco of the Day was a fun option. The prospect of a ling cod taco was enough to have us ordering this. You don’t often get this gentle fish in a taco and we could see why. It was beautifully prepared as is, but did feel lost with all the fixings. Served with crunchy slaw, spicy mayo, guacamole, and salsa. You build it yourself starting off with a corn tortillas, and finishing it with a squeeze from a grilled lime wedge. Available as either a taco or a salad, more fun as a table activity with option one.

We all approved of the Braised Short Rib Hash. Like a beef poutine with slow-braised beef short ribs, crispy smashed potatoes, caramelized onions and wild mushrooms; topped with melted smoked cheddar and two sunnyside eggs. Served with char-grilled sourdough that we would use with the mussels above. There was nothing about this I didn’t not like. It hit comfort eating on the nose with all its familiar textural and flavourful components.

The Shakshuka was not that memorable. Fire charred peppers and tomatoes slow roasted with caramelized onions, Moroccan spices, and fresh herbs. Served in a cast-iron skillet with two farm fresh eggs, making it breakfast ready. Finished with Kalamata olives and Greek feta. Tangy with plenty of sauce it definitely needed a base to better and best highlight some of the tonal flavours that otherwise get lost in the overarching tomatoey tang.

In closing, they are a great new option in the area for casual dining done right.

Saba Bistro
190-9220 Glover Rd #190, Langley, BC V1M 2R4
+1 778-545-0024

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