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Smitty’s Sunday Seafood Boil

Main Street’s oyster bar has a Sunday special worth checking out, but first drinks.

As an oyster bar at the forefront you can’t miss out on some of their drink specials that includes a shuck with a shot.

They have three options. The Caesar Oyster which is Vodka, Caesar mix, Parsley Salt Rim, and Fanny Bay Oyster Topped with Horseradish. And the Spicy Marg Oyster is Tequila, Triple Sec, Lime Juice, and Boy’s Don’t Cry Sauce, with a Cajun Rim and a Sunseeker Oyster with Lime Juice. And the third option, which we didn’t get was the Gin Smash Oyster with Gin, Cucumber, and Lime Juice, finished off with a Beausoleil Oyster Topped with Cracked Pepper.

I liked how each shot featured a different type of oyster meant to compliment it. You take the shot like any other and chase it with the oyster that completely washes the mouth clean. Think a pickle back, but briney and more chewing. The Caesar with its tomato base was peppery. And the margarita tequila forward with a citrusy afternote.

I love a good Caesar, so couldn’t miss out on trying theirs. This is The Captain where take Smitty’s regular Caesar, but add a whole soft shell crab on top of it as garnish. Smirnoff Vodka, Smitty’s Signature Recipe Clamato, Pickle, Fresh Grated Horseradish, and Lime. The crispy throughout crab does it for me. Perfectly fried for a salty snack to follow with a sip of the cocktail. Honestly I preferred it over the drink itself. Perhaps I should have stirred it, as I found it overwhelmingly pickled towards the bottom of the glass. Even with the melted ice, I couldn’t finish. The crab however, I did.

As for food we began with a collection of their Raw Oysters of the day. Tonight’s Fresh Selections included Taylor Pacific, Kumoto, Shigoku, and Virginia from the West coast; and Sweet Select from the East. You can tell the difference between the coasts by their shells. Where the East is flatter and smoother, and the West bumpy with ridges. The staff are well informed should you need direction l between the sweeter smaller ones and the brinier larger ones.

Each serving comes with a platter of hot sauce and mignonettes in squeeze bottles for easy, self-saucing.

And tonight’s main feature was Smitty’s Seafood Boil. This is available every Sunday from 12pm to when they run out. Intended for two at $50, with plenty to go around. You also have the option to add on a lobster tail for $20 or half an order of crab, like we did for $25.

Given the intended popularity and that it is first-come, first-served, reservations are recommended. Clams, mussel, shrimp, andouille sausage, corn, potatoes, and corn bread. Presented on a stunning platter, it is all hands in for this meal.

You pull, peel, and crack your way through the shellfish. Smearing on the excess sauces and juices pooled. There are plenty of nugget potato as filler, and corn to gnaw on to change the taste. I wasn’t a fan of the corn bread as I found it overly dry and not very flavourful compared to the rest of the offerings.

Not seafood, but just to showcase the breath of their kitchen, they also have dishes like the aptly named “ Wolf Candy”. This is half a rack of ribs served lollipop style with their Big Bad Sauce. Well prepared tender lamb with a good amount of gristle to soften and flavour. Herby and peppery in the most fragrant of ways, I would come back and order this again.

In closing, Smitty’s is always a fun time with their seafood forward cocktails and interactive platters. And now the seafood boil is a great way to come together and enjoy a meal with a little entertainment.

Smitty’s Oyster House Main Street
3124 Main St. Vancouver, BC V5T3G7

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