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St Augustine’s, Happy Hour

On this today we were looking to wind down from a spirit-full afternoon with a couple of beers. Our destination was the long standing Commercial Drive watering hole: St. Augustine’s. A bar named after the patron saint of brewers, amongst other disciplines.

We originally wanted to have our drink and some small bites on the patio, given the sunny day. However, after seeing a poster announcing that they are part of the Vancouver Foodster Pizza Challenge, and that they have a pie worth trying, but could only have it if we dined in; we did just that.

Our group of 5 were seated at one of the lengthy share-style tables. We arrived just in time for the tail end of happy hour, so made sure to get our orders in quick. Happy Hour runs from 2-5pm and 9pm to close daily, for those interested.

We decided to get one of each of the possible appetizers. Each priced at a reasonable $6, to share.

But first drinks. With a larger selection of craft beers we each ordered to our preference; from my coconut porter to my guest’s peach radler. And this is the main reason why they are so popular.

I placed our food order in a hurry, and now writing this post didn’t realize we had a choice between regular salt & pepper fries or Cajun ones. And sadly, what we got was the former and it was nothing special. Although it did hit, given that we had been drinking so much before and now needed food to balance it out; and fries is a classic go to.

Similarly, the chips and salsa were nothing memorable. Room temperature tortilla and a small side of chunky and dry salsa. Chopped up tomato that could have used more seasoning and way too many chips for such a little salsa.

I preferred the tater tots. Each a crispy nugget served with both mayo and ketchup for the ideal mix and match, double dipping action. Although at the end of the day, this is nothing the kitchen specifically made, but something fried to order instead.

But the table raved over the Chiciahorn. Large airy crisps heavily seasoned in lime salt. So good that they went as fast as they arrived, and we were sure to order another batch right after. However, almost after an hour they never came. Apparently our server forgot to punch in the order, along with our second round of beers. So when the bill came I was ready to ask for the happy hour discount despite getting them so late. However, the restaurant did us one better and gifted us the serving in apology for the extended delay. I was not expecting this caliber of service from a bar, so was very impressed.

Although the best thing we had during this meal had to be the pizza and it wasn’t even from the same kitchen. Once again this was one of the contenders competing for the Vancouver Foodster’s Best Pizza Competition, an annual affair and always an action packed category. Running from April 4-28th, 2024 guests are invited to try all the creations and vote for their favourite as people’s choice winner.

This was the The Italian Stallion. Not made by the St. Augustine’s kitchen staff, but the pizza parlour within the bar. This is from the APizza counter. Tomato sauce, mozzarella, pecorino romano, pepperoni, house-made fennel sausage, two rivers bacon, mushrooms, cherry peppers, hot honey, and oregano.

This had everything you are looking for when you crave a greasy and satisfying pizza. Ideal after drinking and the perfect salty pairing for our beers. We all just questioned the irregular cuts. I appreciated the mix of meats and especially enjoyed the extra crispy ridges of each round pepperoni cup, even with grease pooled at the bottom, that and the zesty sausage bits. This too went faster than we expected and in hindsight we should have ordered a second to have enough for 5.

In closing, a great spot for a pint, but the verdict is still out on their bar menu. Although I would come back to try more from APizza.

St. Augustine’s
2360 Commercial Dr, Vancouver, BC V5N 4B7
(604) 225-9135

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