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Strathcona Brewing

It was Valentines Day and with no romantic plans my girlfriend and I thought to spent it together. She is a whiz at searching up different things to do in the city, so I left the planning portion to her. We both agreed that a comedy show on a Tuesday night would be a unique idea, so set our minds to that. Our original plan and venue was downtown on Granville strip, but that sold out quick, so the back up plan was a different comedy show in the Strathcona area.

So, when looking to grab dinner and drinks before, Strathcona Brewing was the best option. I have been before so knew their pizza and pasta were delicious, so thought to use this time as a way to explore their menu some more.

Sure, it was not the dressiest place for our valentine’s date, especially the way my guest was dressed to impress. , but with cocktails and wine we had a fine time.

As a brewery with a tap room specializing in their own product, you don’t expect them to have anything other than beers on tap. But given how expansive their food menu is, it is nice that they have drink options to match. Premixed margaritas and negronis and the option to have cider or the house red or white wine. We would partake in their easy drinking and tart on the throat Cab Sav and light and oaky Chardonnay. Both served in their iconic Strathcona Brewing glassware with decorative cartoon design.

My guest also ordered a negroni and declared it good. If paying, I prefer my cocktails mixed to order. Although this was half the price of a typical negroni, so they took such concerns into consideration.

Advertised as new on their sandwich board was the tiramisu stout and I knew I had to try it. A black syrupy beverage with caramelized undertones. I did not get the classic coffee and liquor Italian cake so much, but it at least drank like dessert: smooth, creamy, and crushable. Tiramisu Nitro Stout 6% IBU 37. A Stout made with premium Cocoa powder, local Cold Brew Coffee, Lactose, Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla, plus tons of specialty Oats and Irish Cream.

And seeing as they are known for their pizzas and there is a combo available when you purchase a beer, we had a couple of pies. Starting with my guest’s favourite, The Diavola. This is a Tomato Sauce based pizza with mozzarella, Fior di Latte, soppressata, Kalamata olives, jalapeño, chili oil, and basil. Salty and spicy, this is not short on punchy flavours. No dips needed, the chewy and crispy crust is necessary as it offers a break in taste.

Pizzas are normally $22 and pints $7.95. So together in a combo for $26 you save $4, which we put towards another pizza.

Their current feature pizza is the Chicken Equites. With its white sauce base and creamy over spicy flavour profile, it provided a nice contrast for our other pizza above. Garlic butter, Mozzarella, Padano, chèvre, roast chicken breast, corn, red onion, and jalapeño. The thicker slices of chicken were tender and given a Southwestern feel in conjunction with the sweet corn and fragrant red onion coupled with jalapeno. Although the pizza was quick to go soggy with the extensive amounts of garlic butter. It left an oily film on my lips and a heavier feeling in my belly.

To foster the date night vibe we began with a platter of Stuffed Dates. Served warm, these sweet dates were stuffed with rosemary and black pepper goat cheese, and then topped with a chili-maple drizzle and crushed pistachios. I was not expecting them to be warm, which changed the texture and experience. It felt more like dessert with its creamy sweet and salty pipped filling. And it finished on a sweet note with the pistachio and a floral one from the gentle handed use of rose water.

And I had to order it again and will probably continue to order it each time I visit. It is called “Return of the Mac” for a reason. Orecchiette baked in a creamy cheddar and Padano sauce with broccoli, castelvetrano olives and Speck. Served still bubbling in the skillet it was baked in. This is so cheesy and creamy that it satisfies with loads of salty goodness. Great with a beer and well balanced with pockets of interest from the crisp vegetable and chucks of meat. In retrospect probably one of my favourite renditions of Mac and cheese because where else can you find it with green olives?

The Meatballs ate differently fresh compared to a day old as leftovers. Here at the brew pub they were bland and lifeless compared to everything else. The next day they were too tasty and a little much as is, or with the bits of garlic bread on the side. Beef and bacon meatballs in a marinara sauce with Padano and a side of garlic toast. I would have liked it as a part of a pasta dish to help balance out all the heavy use of herbs. So I guess it is as they say, that it is all relative and everyone’s perspective changes the narrative.

In conclusion, I am a fan of both their beer and their restaurant. I wouldn’t necessary drive all the way out for it, but know that if I will be in the area, this is where I will gravitate towards as the best option in the immediate vicinity.

Strathcona Beer Company
895 E Hastings St, Vancouver, BC V6A 1R8, Canada
+1 778-379-9050

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