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Tacofino Metrotown

Today we were checking out the newest Tacofino location. For those unfamiliar this is the trendy taco shop originating out of Tofino, BC. They are known for their tasty tacos prepared with fresh seafood from the surrounding waters. Since the start of their first stationary food truck they have come to the mainland and expanded with 8 foodtruck and restaurant locations. And this was the latest, at Burnaby’s Station Square.

They have kept the decor simple to maximize the seating room. You enter and are immediately greeted by the front counter, right at the door. Here, you order and pay before having the food brought out to you, at your self seated table.

We were in bright and early this weekend to check out their brunch menu that transitions to lunch, and includes happy hour offerings once 3pm rolls around.

For starters the Loaded Breakfast Tots are a must. They are only available for dine-in to ensure you are getting them at their most optimal. This is basically breakfast nachos where you substitute chips for crispy tater tots and covered them with cheese sauce, salsa Fresca, lime crema, and cilantro. There is also the option to add on beans, but the dish is already so heavy and you will have plenty of beans and proteins from the mains.

This was a super tasty starter with a heated Cajun spice dusting the tater tots. This, we found the most flavourful dish of the menu, and ended up using what excess cheese and toppings here to flavour everything else below.

Therefore, I highly recommend ordering the salsa de queso, guacamole, and/or salsa Fresca as sides, to inject a lot more freshness of flavour into the following.

Or better yet just order the appetizer chips and queso as a side, much like fries. Super crispy baked tortilla chips that have much flavour on their own, and are given even more impact with a dip in the cheese sauce.

Think stadium nachos with hot pumped nacho cheese, but a thousands times better. If you liked cheese whiz growing up, you will love this adult take. Highly recommend.

For breakfast you can choose one of three options as either a small taco or a two handed burrito. We would take on all of the former and one of the later.

All Breakfast Tacos come on a corn tortilla, topped with a sunny side egg. With one vegan option, one vegetarian, and one with animal protein.

The Vegan Scrambled had guacamole, potato, salsa verde, chimichurri, and pickled onion. The taco was lean and I found the eggs powdery, and overall the texture of the taco ashy. But mind you, you can only do so much with plant based eggs. The onions offered crunch, and the salsa a nice peppery spice, but I needed more substance in my bite.

The Potato & Egg gets my vote with white cheddar and Monterrey Jack, chipotle mayo, salsa roja, pickled onion, and cilantro. With the potato this ate heavy, and the use of chicken’s egg gave me the textural substance I was looking for. Flavour-wise I found the cheese thin and leaned on the queso above to finish.

I found the Chorizo & Egg on the salty side with a lot more gristle, dressed the same as above with white cheddar, Monterrey Jack, pickled cabbage, salsa verde, and cilantro. This is the one you order when you need some grease to coat your stomach, from a long night before.

Although, I would suggest bypassing the tacos altogether and opt in for the burritos instead. At $5 more, you get so much more. Have it wrapped up for hands on eating, or turn it into a bowl for the spoon experience. There are also plenty of add-on options to round out your burrito, although we didn’t find that it needed anything.

Having tried all the combinations above, we decided to make the Chorizo & Egg into a burrito with a lot more fillings than just what is on the menu listing potatoes, black beans, salsa fresca, lime crema, and salsa verde. There was a generous amount of egg loaf that I mistook for chicken due to its texture with I liked. It made the burrito feel worth it, alongside the better balance of cooked and raw ingredients. There was also plenty of guacamole and peppers for moisture and sweetness, adding eating interest. Although I would have liked the nugget potatoes chopped into smaller bites, and not the mouthful halves that was folded in.

Overall, Tacofino has a solid breakfast, adding variety to the area, and something different to brunch on.

Tacofino Metrotown
6036 McKay Ave, Burnaby, BC V5H 4L6
(778) 801-1330

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