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Tacofino x SkipTheDishes

One of Vancouver’s most beloved taco chains is now on SkipTheDishes. And just in time with our latest downpour not showing any signs slowing down.

The weather is cold, the ground is went, and a comfy bed with warm sheets is calling; buy you still have to eat. And if you are like me, and feel like staying warm and dry at home for the day, it doesn’t mean you can’t eat well.

To celebrate their new Skip status Tacofino is offering free delivery until November 7th, 2022. And to make your ordering easy, they have bundles to help remove any of the guess work.

The Tacofino Bundle for Two includes Chips & guac, Four taco, and Four canned cocktails by Cinco Drink Co. Or make it double with the Tacofino Bundle for Four with a Make-it-yourself nacho kit, Eight tacos, and Eight canned cocktails by Cinco Drink Co.

As tempting as it sounded, being already familiar with this Tofino start up, we opted to order our favourite tacos and burritos instead.

We waited in anticipation, and as we heard the knock on the door, we were all over the brown paper bag that was left behind.

Starting with my usual order of the Crispy Chicken burrito with spiced rice, cabbage, black chili mayo, black chili oil, guacamole, sriracha, and cilantro. The dough wrap is thick and chewy, reminding me of naan bread. The chicken is seasoned in a tango buffalo sauce and remains crunchy from start to finish. A great texture in addition to the crispiness from the shredded slaw.

Similar in build is their Pacific Cod Fish burrito. Breaded crispy fish coupled with white beans, spiced rice, cabbage, chipotle mayo, and salsa fresca. This one was not as flavourful as the chicken, and where as the chicken remained crispy, the fish was quick to soften, especially against the juicy tomato salsa. I would have liked more chipotle mayo for a nice cream to dress the fish. This left me longing for the traditional pairing of cod and tartar sauce.

The chicken in the burrito was so great, that I was happy to have it again in a taco. Although here, the Crispy Chicken taco reminded me of Vietnamese lemon grass chicken. Sandwiched with buttermilk chili crema, pickled vegetables, and chimichurri in a folded soft tortilla. This was juicy dark meat chicken with brightening citrus and pops of tang from crunchy pickled vegetables.

Like with the chicken, I appreciated the difference in the cod between the burrito and the taco version. Here, the Pacific Cod taco stayed crispier for longer; fresh with plenty of cabbage, salsa Fresca, and chipotle mayo to smother.

My favourite taco is the Taco Brussels, but mostly because I am a fan of a good Brussel sprouts. This vegetarian option was not lacking with plenty of roasted sprouts, crispy sweet potato, cabbage, smoked mayo, jalapeno, and feta cheese. I would love to be able to order the sprouts as is on the side.

And I had to try the Taco soft & crunchy carnitas. The best of both worlds when you don’t want to decide between a hard or a soft tortilla shell: get both. White cheddar and monterey jack, cabbage, salsa verde, pickled onion, and cilantro. It tastes better than it looks, but does get messier as the hard shell is fragile, luckily the soft one keeps it together. All around super tasty from the generously thick layer of cheese and the amount of meat packed in; then finished with some tangy ginger to freshen.

It is great having Tacofino join SkipTheDishes for better accessibility to their great food, especially now with comfy season upon us and the desire to stay indoors increase. Friendly reminder, take advantage of no delivery charge until November 7th, 2022. Happy feasting in the comfort of your own home.

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