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Tacomio, summer menu

Summer is having a slow start, but summer menus are out. And this includes Tacomio’s, available at their Strathcona pick up window. So we stopped by to grab some to go.

Not only have they created some new menu items, but they have also brought back their famous elotes. This is Mexican style street corn, and if you know, you know. Full corn on the cob, sweet despite the season being young. Each fully dressed in cheese and spices giving you various pops of salty, tangy, and spicy; depending on where you bite. If you can order only one thing, let it be this.

And if you are looking for another 1-2 items to have with your corn, look to their hand crafted, made to order, frozen drinks. They don’t travel well in the sun and heat, so plan to have this right when the window opens and the hand passes it to you. Not only are they a refreshing cool down treat, but they are both great accompaniments to the dishes below, helping to balance saltier bites.

The piña colada raspado was my favourite of the two. Be sure to crush the ice down and stir up for an even syrup to ice cream ratio. Tropical and sweet, tasty with a creamy finish. The highlight is the real fibrous chunks of pineapple scattered throughout.

The strawberry horchata is less sweet and more mellow. This is their fun and fruity twist on the classic cereal milk, cinnamon and sugar horchata. Be warned the from frozen fruit does melt down, diluting the mix so best to finish this one timely.

I was very excited to try the grilled cactus tacos with its mix of soften cactus and crunchy lentils. However we could not get pass how salty it was. It was to the point that I was forcing down a second bite. I immediately chalked it to human error as the discrepancy was too great to be intentional. I did inform the owners, who were very understanding and apologetic, committing to look into what happen, in order to avoid it again in the future.

Moving on to the crispy pork belly tacos, we were impressed by how much pork belly that was included in this. A whole slab, the circumference of the flour tortilla shell. It was just a shame that you couldn’t fully take in it visually, under the mound of seasoned, shredded cabbage. Although the pile was necessary given the need to balance out the heavier gristle and naturally saltines me of the pork. This was furthered by the use of pineapple and green pepper, which had be thinking of sweet and sour pork as I finished the taco. Although, despite being better seasoned, I still found this taco on the saltier side too. Therefore was happy to have both drinks to sip and rejuvenate my palate with.

In short, Tacomio is a fun and easy pit stop in the middle of nowhere. Visit for an adventure and to have their authentic and creative Mexican favourites. Be sure to get the corn and summer drinks before they are gone for the season.

Tacomio Pick Up Window
1245 Glen Drive, Vancouver BC V6A 3M8

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