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Temaki Sushi

I was in the West Broadway area for work, with time to spare in between appointments and a hunger that needed to be ceased. So I reached out to my foodie friend for recommendations. I asked her for “the best sushi in the area”, telling her I will go to it with no questions asked.

She recommended Temaki, referencing the little options in the area and that she hasn’t been in a while, so go in with caution. I was sold. I was craving sushi and willing to pay for something better, and I definitely got it here.

Coming in alone, I took a seat at the end of the bar. The restaurant was near empty, as I visited during the tail end of lunch, towards their shift break, before dinner. I liked the all wood interior with traditional Japanese art on the walls. Simple decor and to the point.

Everything on the menu sounded good and I struggled to order, overwhelmed with option. I did the math and found it a slightly better deal just to get the chef’s nigiri set, letting go of my dream of having uni today.

You don’t get to pick what you get, but I figured it was a better deal than going a la carte and getting 8 pieces for roughly $40, where this was 10 for $48 and you get the bonus of a whole fatty Negitoro roll with fragrant green onion.

The Amebi (sweet shrimp) was my favourite with a texture and umami similar to uni, as it melted and ooze. The white fish nigiri were clean and gentle. I liked the tenderness and texture of the firm squid. And the unagi (eel) by comparison felt pedestrian, overwhelmed by its sauce as norm. As a whole I ate my fill, left full and happy. No complaints.

Typically I won’t take the time to review a restaurant if I had only one dish. Normally I find 3-4 enough to get a good idea of the restaurant and its cuisine. However, maybe chalk it up to my hunger, but I fully enjoyed my meal and wanted to share. I will definitely have to come back with a friend or my partner to be able to try and review more.

Temaki Sushi
2156 W Broadway, Vancouver, BC V6K 2C8
(604) 738-4321

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