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Texas Smoke BBQ, Milner Feeds

Serving authentic southern style barbecue in the Fraser Valley.

Whenever in the area, I do not need an excuse to visit Langley Texas BBQ. Although today JoyDiaggi and Friends were on location, having warmed up our appetites from an hour’s worth of paint-balling before. And seeing as Diana of @foodologyca has never tried a barbecue that both Joyce of @vanfoodies and I rave about.

Since our original visit over a year ago, they have expanded. Doubling their food truck fleet to 2, with talks of a 3rd to come. Both trucks are parked within driving distance to one another. But seeing as we had already visited the Driediger Farms set up, we opted to the one by Milner Feeds’ store today.

There is no public washrooms or a porto-John on site, but the location does include a grassy patch to sit on, picnic tables with golf umbrellas to eat at, and lawn games like corn hole to play; as you wait for your food to come to order. Although given that everything is slow cooked prior to, it is more assembly at serving than any actual cooking, so the food does come fast.

For our group of 6 we would try majority of the menu, minus the sandwiches, which is basically the same meat and slaw below, but in between a bun.

For the first timers, the best way to know what Texas Smoke BBQ is all about is to order one of their platters. Where the larger the size, the more meat and sides. Knowing we would order other items we went for 2 of the Small Platters that included 4 sausages, 2 pound of brisket, 1 pound of pulled pork, and all 4 sides they have available each.

The brisket was my favourite. Lush and on the fattier side, the sinew and gristle melted into the meat for a more tender mouthful.

The sausages were sweet and salty, a harder chew especially when compared to the tender shredded pull pork.

I often find that as is pulled pork needs a base, here the pulled pork sandwich would have been a great idea.

But having it with and over their side of Mac and cheese was a nice touch. Sweet barbecue sauce meet cheesy noodles, this was delicious comfort cuisine.

The crispy and slightly watery slaw was the only dish offering a break from heavy meats and savoury glazes and gravy.

The baked beans were sweetened with maple and complimentary to all the other barbecue sauces.

The corn bread is a must, another sweeter dish to flow with the hickory BBQ flavour. This was one bad a solid texture that did not immediacy break apart. One of the better versions of corn bread I have had to date.

Looking for more meat or an upgrade of the meat, the following items are on their speciality menu.

The Burnt Ends looked like stew, with charred black, harder chunks of meat from the ends of the cut. They sat soaking in a liquid gravy with carrots. The group raved about it, but the hard texture through tough ends were not my favourite, I much preferred ribs below.

These are a full rack of sweet and a savoury pork ribs. The meat peeled off the bone easy. Fatty and tender, it ate much leaner than the brisket and a lot more heartier than the pulled pork.

But if these aren’t meaty enough for you, look to the Beef Dyno Ribs. Extra large beef bones that can be confused with those of a Jurassic mammal. There is plenty of meat to rip from bone, and eating it as such is a one of a kind, sensual experience.

And one of their newest menu items is travel-ready nachos. The “Tex Walking Taco” is where they take a full sized bag of Doritos, rip it open length wise then dress the exposed chips with your choice of either ground beef or their signature pulled pork. You can also pick what flavour of Doritos they use between cool ranch and nacho cheese. This is finished off with their thick cheese sauce and a sprinkling of cilantro. The former most is the same tasty creamy cheese coating found on their Mac and Cheese side.

In short, this is still my favourite spot for barbecue. And the one that I will continue to recommend to all those still looking for their number one BBQ spot. Who knows, we might have the same?

Texas Smoke BBQ

Driediger Farms
23823 72 Ave, Langley, BC
Milner Feeds
21565 Crush Crescent, Langley, BC

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