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The Crab King Restaurant

We were in Steveston, Richmond looking for some lunch. As per many, we headed towards Pajo, the well known fish and chip stop by the water. Though along the way, we spotted the lesser known Crab King instead. For the sake of this blog and the experience of trying something new, and thought to give it a try.

The path that leads off the dock and down to the restaurant, by the water, is eye catching. Its red sign and red panel menu are eye catching. Enough to draw us through the gateway and railings trimmed with artificial greenery. The restaurant is take out only, although there are plenty of picnic benches back up on the dock for anyone to claim.

The restaurant was visibly less busier than our original destination. Although with a sole chef in the kitchen, their operation took more time. And as a result, a few of the other customers who ordered and paid and were left waiting close to 20 minutes for fast food. One older gentleman felt especially short changed that after the long wait for a cold meal he received, he made the effort to tell the clerk up front that he will never be dining with them again. To which she replied, “okay thank you”. To be honest, I couldn’t help but look longingly at Pajo’s and thought what could have been. Although, worth noting is that due to the pandemic there is a labour shortage, so the above does need to be taken with a grain of salt.

We kept our order cautious in order to best gage the restaurant before splurging on the likes of a whole deep fried soft shell crab or a lobster sandwich.

We had the two piece halibut meal, opting for the fattier white fish at $4 more than cod. Although in hindsight, I don’t think I would have been able to the difference. The fry on batter coating the fattier fish was pale, but still crisp. Although not all that memorable, much like the fries. All and any flavour was from the small tub of tartar sauce you had to ration or the packets of ketchup you tediously squeezed.

We liked the chipotle sauce wrap with fried chicken, lettuce, American cheese, and chipotle mayo more instead. Although this was pretty standard offering, and something I could easily recreate at home. Though at least it was tasty.

In conclusion, there isn’t much to bring me back to Crab King for another go, especially when there are so many seafood food options to explore next. This one lands as average.

The Crab King Restaurant
3540 Bayview St, Richmond, BC V7E 5W3
(604) 448-7930

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