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The Habit Project

The Habit Project feels like a boutique juicery that you can find in Vancouver’s Yaletown. Yet here it was was in downtown Abbotsford, made easily accessible for our staycation.

Habit was founded by individuals who are passionate over finding balance in life and improving wellness through what we ingest. They were inspired by the successes within their personal well being journey, benefits discovered through daily juicing for themselves. So much so that they decided to spread the good word of the healing power of food to their friends and neighbours by way of this small storefront.

They make smoothies and bowls to order, but everything is prepared ahead of time for easy grab and go goodness. You shop from their glass unit. A collection of bottled juices in varying sizes and salads you only need to mix. We had planned a day of hiking and fishing within the Fraser Valley, so thought this was the perfect pit stop to grab something to take with us for lunch. Healthy and delicious food and drinks to fuel our busy day.

Their juices are named after gem stones like bronzite, amber, and ruby. I appreciated the bit of glamour here, but we would choose our juices based on attributes instead. We opted for the jade to help us detox and energize, after the fulsome day of eating and drinking we had yesterday. And opal to help boost our omega 3s and provide additional endurance. Both helpful on a day of climbing and non-stop standing. Not to mention the bottles are easy to transport and take a swig of as needed.

The Jade was a mix of apple, celery, cucumber, spinach, and lime. And you certainly tasted the ingredients in this. It drank heavy and healthy with tartness, sweetened only a touch by way of apple.

Opal had orange, lemon, turmeric, filtered water, and chia seeds. For those who don’t like their greens, this one drank more like a lean and watery citrus juice; with the seeds providing a different texture to run along your teeth.

For food we grabbed two of their prepackaged vegan salad bowls. The Thai Noodle bowl was romaine lettuce, rice noodles, pickled cucumber, carrots, red cabbage, caramelized nuts and seeds, radish, mint, green onion, black sesame seeds, and a ginger lime vinaigrette. The dry nuts and the dressing were kept separate, sitting gingerly atop of the salad that appeared to be put together purposefully with care. It was such a shame that we would only toss everything together and shake. The salad was lean, great as a snack, as it was quick to go through you. Mild flavours made delicious given the quality in the produce used.

The Taco Bowl had slightly more punch to it. Walnut chorizo, zucchini noodle, romaine, black beans, cherry tomatoes, charred corn, yams, chimichurri, cilantro, lime, radish, and a jalapeño cilantro vinaigrette. It also ate heartier with the beans and walnuts.

In short, when looking for something healthy, but delicious look to HABIT to best highlight the bounty and harvest of Abbotsford’s farm country.

The Habit Project
33780 Essendene Ave #120, Abbotsford, BC V2S 2H2
(604) 746-5233

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