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The Praguery Food Truck

Did you know that the third Sunday of every July is National ice cream day. And this year it lands on Sunday, July 17, 2022. So in celebration of this sweet day, we ventured to the McArthurGlen outlet mall to visit a foodtruck offering shoppers and those passing by one of the most unique ways to enjoy ice cream.

The is The Praguery, where their vanilla soft serve ice cream, is churned out into fresh made chimney cakes and finished off with a bevy of different syrups and toppings.

A chimney cake is dough spooled around to form a cone, then baked crispy with a cinnamon and sugar finish. So instead of a regular cone you get one that is similar to a beaver tail but more flaky and light, like a pastry. So basically you are getting two deserts in one.

But be warned, considering a cone-shaped wooden spool is used to make these, the baked dough “cone” does come out with a hole at the end of it. The solution: it is served in a paper cup, which also makes it easier to hold and contain, should your soft serve melt faster than you can eat it. Some flavour options have chocolate spread of chocolate bits plugging up the end, but even then, things could get messy if you approach it like a regular ice cream in cone.

It is easiest to enjoy within cup with a spoon. Where you clear all the ice cream first and nibble on the cone when you get to it. My favourite way to approach it is peeling it apart in one strand and munching my way from one end to the other.

Trust me, I now have first hand experience on the above, as we tried every single flavour on their menu today. Eight soft serve stuffed cinnamon and sugar cones between 3 girls in 1 hour. 3 girls 8 cups. I do not advise this as well, as they do melt fast and what you are left with is melted cream that you can essentially dip your dough into.

We did have leftovers and they are easy to pack up in one of their cardboard to-go boxes. You can also order your treat to go like this. Where, each ice cream order is packed separately: chimney cake, ice cream, and topping. Then you eat it however and in whatever order you wish.

Here is our recap of all the different ice cream options at The Praguery.

The mango has house made mango filling, mango coulis, and chocolate chips. A great option for those who like the sweetness of mango, doled out thick in a syrup.

The Nutella is a classic and a safe bet for those humming and hawing about what to get.

The Caramel was one I was surprised that I liked. Vanilla soft serve, caramel sauce, and candied pecans. The crushed nuts gave things a nice toffee-like flavour and crisp that set it apart.

Their summer flavours on rotation are as follows.

The Lemon was probably my favourite as I love the tartness of it in contrast to the sweetness of everything else. Lemon curd, lemon purée, shortbread crumble, and chocolate chips.

Mr. Berry has a mixed berry filling made in house, with a raspberry coulis, and fresh strawberry. Similar to their rotating strawberry option, but with more berries and on the tarter side.

The pistachio was one our group liked as it was not too sweet. House made pistachio sauce and crushed pistachios over their soft serve.

And their specials currently include a brownie and birthday cone. The latter looked like a classic sundae with rainbow sprinkles and a cherry on top. Not the most original flavour, but one of the most photogenic of their cones.

And the brownie was a classic chocolate offering, but with a bit more crunch and chew. Callebaut milk chocolate, nuts, brownie, and chocolate chips.

If you have yet to try this treat, I suggest that you do. They are most commonly found right outside of the main entrance to Richmond’s McArthurGlen Outlet, between the West side parking lot and the Polo Ralph Lauren Store; where they are open daily from 11-9pm. Although they have been known to roam around and attend various food truck friendly events as well.

The Praguery Food Truck
1000-7899 Templeton Station Rd, Richmond, BC V7B 0B7
(778) 951-0688

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