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Tornado Potato Food Truck

Is your favourite part of the Richmond Night Market those spiral potatoes on a skewer? Buy you don’t wanna lineup to get into the market, and to you don’t want to line up to purchase them…? Well, here is the solution for you: visit the the Tornado Potato Food Truck. Where you can not only get spiral potatoes, but spiralled yams and zucchini too. And in creative flavour combinations to edge out their competition.

As is the case with most food trucks, they travel around the city, so be sure to message them to see where they are at, before heading down. Or check out the local food truck app for availabilities. On this day they were in Port Moody, across from one of the many breweries, as the ideal salty snack to pair with local, craft beer.

First you choose your vegetable between potato, zucchini, and yam. The latter two are $2 more. Next you choose your seasonings/flavours from a list of dry rubs and wet sauces. And if you cant pick one, you can get it half half with two different options.

Salt, Parmesan garlic, bbq, sour cream and onion, salt and vinegar, ketchup, white cheddar, Canadian cheddar, jalapeño, honey garlic mayo, spicy mayo, and hot sauce. Basically all the classic flavours of your favourite brand of chips. And they even have a dessert-like option in the cinnamon and sugar rub.

Each skewer is made to order, so be prepared to wait. Naturally, I had to try each of the aforementioned vegetables and as many flavours as possible. And each was exactly as I expected. Crispy thins with chewy centres fully and generously coated in my choice of dressing. Fun to eat, more fun to play with.

For the sweet potato yam, I wanted a starchy and salty contrast with cheesy white cheddar.

For the the lighter zucchini I went with Parmesan and garlic for a nice garden feel.

And for the classic potato I went punchy with the Canadian cheddar and Jalapeño options, in a combo.

But my favourite and the one I recommend the most is their Truffle potato tornado. This has to be the most premium tornado potato out there. It is seasoned in truffle oil and served with a truffle dipping sauce so there is no missing any of the truffle in this. It is well worth the premium price, especially with how much creamy dip you get.

And if you want something a tad more portable and travel-ready to eat later, they can make their tornadoes mini enough to fit into a box. And then to have two mini skewers made into a poutine with gravy and stringy cheese that pulls. Similar to the skewers, you can choose your type of vegetable and to it they add the luxury of a whole deep fried mozzarella cheese stick and a heavy dousing of creamy gravy over it all. And what you have is an elevated poutine that gives you crispy, chewy, saucy, and gooey goodness in every bite.

In short, Tornado Potato is a late night eats dream. Sad they only operate during the day. So if you see them, be sure to grab one of their tornados and indulge.

Tornado Potato Food Truck

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