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YVR Cookie

With the last few years being as they were, the need to send and ship has been more important than ever. The world needed other means to communicate and convey care, so many companies that offer the ability to send such favours have seen much success.

Take for example, YVR Cookie. Tired of flowers or chocolate, or when a simple card won’t do? Send love with a box of cookies! And these are just any regular cookies. These jumbo-sized beauties are stuffed so that after a quick spin in the microwave your sweet snack comes out moist and gooey. The following are a few of the flavours I got to try. A couple of their classics and a few new flavours for the season.

The cookies and cream is a fan favourite. Plenty of Oreo chunks are embedded within this one, so it is basically cookie inception. And at the centre of it all is the white Oreo cream, in a not as sweet version. As a whole, all their cookies look sugary sweet, but really are just right.

The strawberry cheesecake had a beautiful hue. Although it didn’t taste much like strawberry or cheesecake, it was still a great cookie. Sweet like jam, where as I wanted more of the cheesecake flavour to come through, and maybe some freeze dried strawberry chunks or fresh jam at the centre, alongside the melty cheesy centre. This would have added to the cookie’s name and theme as well. Given its colouring, this would make a great future Valentine’s Day gift or anniversary present, especially if they shape it like a heart.

The s’mores is another one of their classics. Basically a chocolate chip cookie with a marshmallow centre. I just wished there was more graham in the cookie, or more of it so I could taste it. Maybe some of it crumbled and kept as chunks within the cookie, much like the cookies and cream one above.

The cookie butter skor was delicious. A caramel cookie with crunch bits on top and luscious filling at its core. Taste wise this had to be my favourite.

The triple chocolate is for the purists. A chocolate cookie with plenty of chocolate chips, all wrapped around a surprising white chocolate gooey centre. As a whole it reminded me of a chocolate lava cake in taste and texture, especially after the 30 seconds in the microwave.

In short, these are interactive cookies that are both fun and tasty. A great gifting solution or an everyday indulgence for yourself. So support local and place your order today.

YVR Cookie
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