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30 Minute Hit, Burnaby

Continuing with our search for the perfect fitness class for us, Diana of @foodologyca and I found ourselves in Burnaby for a scheduled trial of 30 minute hit, Rosser. I have passed by a handful of their locations and have always been curious.

One of the reasons I have only just begun to traverse on this fitness adventure is the intimidation factor. I, like many others, feel uncomfortable entering a new gym, or out of my league trying a new physical activity. And simply just out of place, walking into a male dominated fitness environment, where you are less active and healthy by comparison. So 30 minutes hit’s women only environment seemed like a great idea, and the ideal way to alleviate my anxiety for above.

Immediately, I love how the space opens up, allowing plenty of roaming room for those, like me, who swing wide and sweat hard.

There is a changing room or a fitting room for you to gear up in (I come straight from work, so often need to change before I start my work out). Here, the washroom is equipped with female sanitary products and hair ties (how considerate). Similarly, the art on the walls are positivity driven with encouraging quotes. Much like their choice in music, they celebrate body love and women’s achievements.

As this was just our trial, we were able to loan a set of their gloves for our 30 minutes session. Said gloves come in red, black, baby blue, or baby pink. Along with the necessary hand wraps (to protect your hands and fingers). As a signed member you are given your choose of coloured gloves when you start, as part of the signing package.

The gym is set up like a circuit. 13 stations total, 2 minutes are spent at each station. It is basically self directed with photos to help remind members what they are focusing on at each station. Depending on your skill level and confidence you can work out between level 1, 2, or 3. After all, 30 Minute Hit boasts their flexibility to accommodate any work to any person, shape, or body.

You start by logging in at their touch screen, or the app, so should you have it. The screen counts down and tells you when you can jump into the circuit. It is one person at a time at each station. There are no reservations or place holding, it is simply first come first serve, and sometimes you may be left waiting. But 2 minutes per station isn’t that much of a wait.

Stations include jump rope, one for just jab and crosses, a knee station, one for toning abs on a ball and another on a mat. There are also stations for working out the inner and outer thighs. In totality this was designed to serve as a whole body work out, where a boxing bell rings every 2 minutes with a 15 second warning on when to rotate or go “double time”. Hitting “double time” is how 30 Minute Hit gets you sweating and burning additional calories. It is basically the same motion you were working on earlier in the circuit, but with two intervals to give it everything you got. After all, as their coaches say, “this is for you”, so everything you put in you get back. The goal is to nail all the “double times” as you end up burning more calories this way. According to our trainer this was “up to 500” burnt.

The stations I was not familiar with included one where you did “turtle kicks” by laying on your back and pushing the bottom of your feet on to a bag. Similarly, the inner thigh workout had you griping a foam body pad between you thighs and alternating between heel digs or jabs and crosses on your back, all whilst balancing the pad between your legs.

Though my favourite station had to be the last one. A free for all on the stationary body, that centres the room. Here, you were able to apply all that you learn through a four set at a time barrage of kicks, knees, uppercuts, jabs, cross, etc. It definitely leaves your workout on a more tiring note and one of much self satisfaction.

For the most part you are left to your own devices. However, there will always be at least one team member in at a time to support. Their goal is to help those who need it with additional direction on what to do, coaching on how to do it, and the knowledge on how to apply what you just learned in real life. Ie: kneeing the groin or side stepping to get more power on your punches.

For that, I really appreciated the self defence aspect of this. Our trainer was approachable and friendly. She was easy to talk to, engaging us in jargon and language that we were familiar with, and that enable us to easily follow. For example when describing how to do an uppercut, she used a string analogy, having us imagine it’s connection from hand to hip. She was also there to encourage and remind us to “finish strong” and that we were “almost there”.

In short for those looking for a more hands off workout, where you go at your own pace and are not judged for doing so, but feel safe and welcome, 30 Minute Hit has over 60 locations to serve you. As a member you are given access to any of said locations. So if you are on vacation in Kelowna you can easily slip in for a quick work out under your currently monthly fee.

30 Minute Hit
1801 Rosser Ave, Burnaby, BC V5C 6R4
(604) 569-3737

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