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Chilliwack Tulip Festival 2022

Everyone’s favourite way to usher in spring is back after taking a pandemic hiatus. Chilliwack’s fields are in full bloom, and rows of tulips have bubbled up and are ready for floral fans to embrace and take photos of, to their heart’s content.

As taken from the press release, “the festival remains the largest tulip event in BC, with millions of bulbs blooming each year. Guests enjoy roaming among more than 20 acres of 30 tulip varieties, plus 15 types of daffodils. There will be more than nine million bulbs in all this year.”

This early morning we were invited down for a visit, before the fields opened to the public. This allowed us to enjoy the rows of tulips and daffodils at our leisurely pace, taking the breathtaking photos featured in this post.

The morning began with a cup of coffee from Barking Irons’ roaming coffee truck, currently domiciled on festival grounds. They offer a variety of hot beverages for event goers. Similarly a donair stall is available as a food option for guest. Both are a great idea as time does fly exploring the fields and waiting for the right moment for the perfect shot. You can honestly spend a day here easy, and will get hungry in doing so.

Tourism Chilliwack was also on site today to showcase some of the amazing small food and drink businesses, that make Chilliwack so distinct. This included a breakfast by local bakery Cabin Fever Junction. They took the time to prepare very timely treats. A tulip shaped cheesy quiche, a tulip shaped sugar cookie, and a fruit cup that included a slice of watermelon carved out in the shape of a tulip. How thoughtful.

We also discovered the many breweries that call Chilliwack home. A collection of IPAs, Hazy ales, and interesting sours by Old Yale Brewing, Bricklayer Brewing, and Field House Brewing.

As for the Tulip Festival itself, there is plenty of photo props to help give your photos a dynamic feel. Everyone’s favourite large wooden clog you can step in to is back. There are several swings for that “action” shot. Numerous benches to perch up on and let the tulips be your majestic backdrop. Modes of transportation such as a old timey buggy, VW beetle, scooter; and a baby carriage to climb into, should you fit. And even miniature landmarks and buildings such as a windmill, bridge, and church to post on and in front of. Here are some photos I took with Eileen of @misseileensoo for your inspiration.


In short, the Chilliwack Tulip Festival and its expansive fields are worth driving to. Make it a day trip and have it as the start to your adventure in farm country.

Chilliwack Tulip Festival
41310 Royalwood Dr. (just off Highway 1), Chilliwack, BC

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