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Deco Nova Karaoke Bar

With the inclement weather and restrictions ebbing and flowing with the number cases, things to do in the city seem far and few in between. Therefore I am always in search of safe activities that allows everyone to enjoy being social, while being safe. Therefore karaoke with private individual rooms seem like a safe bet.

And tonight we joined David of @pickydiner fame in his private room within Deco Nova, Aberdeen Centre’s newest karaoke bar and lounge. We visited during the holidays so the typical chic and posh club was dawn in Christmas flair.

But first, getting there. If you don’t know where to go, you won’t get in. Visiting after hours, when the mall is closed is a challenge, as the centre’s house is listed from 11am to 7pm, and 11am to 8pm on Fridays and Saturdays, respectively. And lounges are better known for the later hours that they keep, with Deco Nova remaining open until 2am. However, entry is within the mall, and without exterior signs or directions on how to enter on any of their online presences, you are locked out. A lesson we would learn the hard way visiting at 8:30pm on a Tuesday.

We had to call David to come out from within the lounge to open the ground level mall doors for us. so that we could enter. This move gained ills looks from the night staff cleaning the premises, and the security guard overlooking the entire empty mall. We would later learn that there is parking available on the third floor of the parkade, which also gives entry. And that Deco Nova employs their own security/bouncer that guards their threshold, and helps walk patrons in and out of the secured building. All the above proved irritating as first timers, but in hindsight, gave the lounge a exclusivity appeal. The extra work needed to enter made the dim lights, marble finishes, and showcases of expensive liquor on display, all the more impressive.

Also worth noting is the aesthetic of their washroom space. Strobing lights and flicking colours allow for great backdrops.

During the duration of our visit I only noticed one staff member, he worked the front, not engaging patrons; but answering room calls and delivering light refreshments to our suite. The latter was simple in execution, but highly effective in presentation. A tower of fresh cut fruit in an assortment that included peeled grapefruit segments, green and red grapes, chunks of cantaloupe and pineapple, strawberry, slices of watermelon; and cherry tomatoes, because tomatoes are considered a fruit.

For savoury, there was a miniature platter of cheesy Doritos with a small dish of ketchup for dipping, the latter could also be used with the cone of crispy Cajun seasoned fries adjacent. There was also a mound of edamame beans and a few balls of takoyaki with plenty of bonito flakes. Light snacks to graze on as you wait for your turn on the microphone.

As for the actual singing experience it is similar to that of most such karaoke places. You select your song request, and add it to the queue, with the ability to either input your choice on the monitor or via a downloadable app. And as is the tradition, older music videos featured feathered hair and slow pans of cityscapes. Whereas newer songs allowed for the actual music video with lyrics scrolling at the bottom of the screen.

Our group fully appreciated Deco Nova’s use of microphone sleeves. Little foam toppers that you slid over the head of the mike, which we affectionately called “condoms”. Each person was assigned one and simply removed and installed as they sang. But of course you need not wait to have mike in hand to sing. Karaoke is best when everyone in attendance participates, talented or not, knowing the words or not. Karaoke is fun for everyone and Deco Nova is a fun spot to do it in.

Deco Nova
4000 No. 3 Rd unit 3300, Richmond, BC V6X 0J1
(236) 888-6257

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