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Dîner en Blanc Vancouver 2022

Tonight was the highly anticipated Dîner en Blanc, the annual soiree that has everyone dawning their brightest whites and converging at a secret location, for an epic picnic in the park.

For those unfamiliar, it is an international phenomenon that originated in France. Its intention is to give everyone an occasion to look forward to, and a reason to celebrate. The rules: it is by invitation only, you must dress head to toe in white (in order to preserve the large scale effect that the event is known for); and you must bring you own tables, chairs, lines and dishware that also needs to be white. Many take the time to properly dress up their setting, to add to the glamours feel. Many more hire caters to do the above, so that they can just attend and enjoy.

I was invited as media and therefore my account will be in that perspective, with our designated section and only standing room for drinking. But first the pre-party.

Hosted at the Vancouver Club’s restaurant/bar/patio space on the main floor. This was converted to a party room with large table-sized charcuterie boards, a ticketed bar, and plenty of room to mix and mingle.

Sponsored by Peroni beer, media guests were treated to a bottle of Peroni upon entry, and to try Peroni inspired cocktails at the bar.

Then it was off to this year’s secret location within walking distance. This year, as it was 10 years ago, the event was held at Jack Poole Plaza; where the Olympic cauldron resides. Event show runners thought it would be a good way to mark the return of the occasion to its full numbers. Although given the spacing this means that this will be the smallest Dîner en Blanc to date, even with the space maxed out and all tickets sold out.

I was ecstatic to be able to take in such an icon view with our party of white. All while drinking in what is essentially zoned as the Vancouver Convention Centre’s patio.

The sea of event goers converged and either began setting up at their designated lots, or sat down to a catered table already fully decorated and set. Those who took advantage of 3 course menus that local restaurants advertised and pulled together we’re able to eat right away. When it was time to officially begin the event and dinner, all guests were invited to their seats for the ceremonial twirling of the napkins. A couple of rotations over the head along side cheering.

At the media section we were treated to an artisan charcuterie board with plenty of crackers for the mix of cheese, meats, and fruit assembled across 2 lengthy wooden platters.

Plus all the alcoholic beverages we could want sponsored by the Mary Anthony Group Inc. this included Mission Hill’s rose, Go Wild’s organic white and red. And for spirits 3 flavours of the new sake mixer: sake bomb.

Although when looking for something more substantial to eat, we travelled to the nearby Arc, Fairmont Waterfront’s restaurant property. There, a few of us shared their pork tomahawk and morel mushroom orecchiette pasta.

Then it was back to our post at Dîner en Blanc for some dancing on the one of most memorable outdoor stages with live DJ and dance floor assembled.

Unlike other Dîner en Blanc events with more sprawling room, there were no art installations, roving performers, floral exhibits, vendors, hardly any super cars, and very little costumed models to photograph. But to be able to picnic once at this iconic venue was well worth all the scale downs.

And as soon as the sun started setting and dusk peeked through, it was time to get our sparklers ready for the night’s finale. The sparkler moment is definitely the crown jewel of the event, best described in these romantic photos.

In conclusion, this year’s Dîner en Blanc was different, but it definitely did not disappoint. This officially punctuates the city’s return to large scale, free flowing events. And after a 2 year inability to host, it feels great today.

For those who missed this year’s festivities, be sure to visit their website for alerts on next. Registration is strict and not everyone gets the invite. And for those already on the list to attend next year’s soiree, start looking for the perfect all white assemble. vancouver.dinerenblanc.com

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