Old School Cool Vol. 3, VCW2024

Old School Cool Vol. 3: Gin Is (Still) In

As as fan of all spirits and an advocate of Vancouver’s cocktail scene, I make it my goal to attend as many Vancouver Cocktail Week events as possible, and today my evening would begin at Brass Fish for their “ Old School Cool Vol. 3: Gin Is (Still) In” event.

This is a returning event, 3 years strong (but first for me), where Ford’s Gin hosts a “ A Celebration of the Iconic Gin Classics” at Brass Fish Tavern.

The night promised and delivered on gin cocktails, gin & tonics, and gin Martinis. Inviting ticket holders to explore and be curious over the botanicals of gin, through a self-guided aromatic demonstration table.

Tickets included your choice of two cocktails from a feature gin cocktail menu, and the rest is out of pocket. They had a special pop-up oyster bar menu, only for the event. And Brass Fish’s full kitchen menu was available as well.

Each guest was also treated to an ounce of Fords Gin, to either take back and shoot, or to mix and experiment with at the a DIY G&T bar. Wet mats lined with trays of herbs fruit. Rosemary, cranberry, lemon, grapefruit, and orange peel. You drop what you liked into your tumbler and then fill it with as much or little canned tonic as you like. A classic done your way.

Or remove the guess work and enjoy any of the classic and modern gin Martini variations below, with your tickets.

The Ford’s G&T No. 1 was ford’s gin, sparkmouth artisanal dry tonic, lemon zest, and grapefruit zest. Bubbly and citrus forward, like an easy going sparkling soda.

Ford’s G&T No. 2 was ford’s gin, tio pepe fino sherry, lime, mint, and sparkmouth artisanal dry tonic. Refreshing with the mint scent and taste, ideal with food.

Ford’s G&T No. 3 with ford’s gin, st. germain, sparkmouth artisanal dry tonic, fever-tree sparkling grapefruit soda, and grapefruit. The table’s favourite, as a sweet candy-like cocktail bold with red ruby grapefruit.

Not quite pink in colour is the Ford’s Pink Gin, a mix of ford’s gin, and Angostura bitters. Like its hue this was orange in flavour. This cocktail was more gin forward with the botanicals shining through.

Another stiffer gin cocktail was the Ford’s Freezer Martini with ford’s gin, vermouth, lemon zest, and no dilution.

And for a martini that was equal parts gin and vermouth for a more floral flavour, guests could order the Ford’s 50-50.

We also tried two of the three oyster items including Fresh Shucked Oysters. This was six pieces in shell, pre-dressed with jalapeño and a cucumber mignonette. The brininess of the oysters and the botanicals of the gin were complimentary flavours that made for a great happy hour feature.

Looking for something heavier? The Oyster Dip & Tots was poached oysters smothered in a breaded crisp topped with dill and sour cream. I wasn’t a fan of the large size of the oyster, especially given its slippery mashed texture from being poached. It needed the herbed crumbs and side of crispy tater tots to give each whole oyster a better in-mouth feel.

As a whole this was a great event, if you are already going to be coming downtown for happy hour, why not make it gin and tonic themed. A fun pop-up and a great introduction to the brand.

Brass Fish Tavern
385 Burrard St, Vancouver, BC V6C 2G8, Canada

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