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Potion Putt & Wizard’s Den

From the same folks who have brought you the Alice in Wonderland and Peter Pan experience, comes another all encompassing, live action themed cocktail bar.

This is their take on a wizarding world, not to be confused with the copy written version. Especially as they are nothing alike, aside from the use of cloaks, thick rimmed glasses, and wands. And there was a luggage cart standing idle with a white owl puppet perched atop of it.

Like with the other before it, this is an activity and a show with flowing drinks all in one. Depending on how serious you are in mini golf, you might want to start with that before heading to the cocktail experience, where the drinks are strong. Or if you want to have more fluid fun at golf, start with drinks and head for a challenging round after.

We would start with 10 rounds of mini golf first. The room is kept dark and spooky with the use of black light and neon paint, and plenty of twinkling lights. The hosts stay in character welcoming you to the experience, equipping you with a club and ball, and explaining the general rules of the arena.

You are encouraged to go in any order, clearing one hole after another. A smart idea, which means you are not kept waiting in a queue with players who might need to max out their putts. And it also allows for additional mingling between groups and individual players.

There was a giant jack-o-lantern, a miniature castle you can enter, and a three eyed frog. A course with tomb stones, one featuring a spilt cauldron, and plenty of decorative corners to explore. Spoiler, you should pay attention to the details, as it will come in handy if you stay for the Wizard’s Den experience.

If you finish your round early you can enjoy a cocktail at the adjacent bar. You pull back the curtain literally and figuratively to reveal the Alice in Wonderland themed checkered bar floor. Enjoy a cocktail therein or bring it back to enjoy in the wizarding world, with its several pockets and seats to relax in.

Although truth be told, this is not an easy round of golf. The holes are precise, and the moves needed to sink them in specific. Plus the added darkness does not help. So, for those wanting to win and drink, this might be a tall task for you.

They don’t rush you out of Potion Putt, but when time you are asked to put away your club and ball, and make your way past a curtained area to a hidden room where wizards plot and scheme.

Like all the other associated events the scene is well set with plenty of props. You could spend the day exploring and poking around, and still be left with lots to see. Bookshelves of dusty tomes, mysterious vials labeled with attributes, floating candles, and spooky portraits captured in photographs.

The actors play two wizards enrolled in a school domineered by an evil head mistress. They plan to overthrow her with your help, along with clever quips and plenty of sass from the school’s friendly neighbourhood poltergeist. Truly “Flappy” the poltergeist dressed like a puritan, stole the show. It was hard to not keep your eyes on him, wondering what he would do next.

Our hosts and actors explain the scene and attempt to develop their character as the story progresses. The dialogue does get a bit cumbersome, but with the number of stiff drinks served and crafted in the 1 hour and 30-minute time slot, one could use the pause to keep up.

Guests are assigned seats and are welcomed with a welcome cocktail that is a rift on butterbeer. A sweet beverage finished with whipped cream and a swirl of caramel syrup. It is hard to tell if there is any liquor in this one.

The next two cocktails require some work. In groups of two you are given clues and are tasked to explore the mini golf course in search of vials needed to craft your own drink.

With the “right” 3 bottles in hand, event goers are invited back to their tables to pour everything into their mini cauldron and mix. With a frothing of smoke your next drink, a citrusy spritzer that gave everyone tropical vibes, is completed and ready for consumption.

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The last cocktail requires everyone’s combined efforts to pool more hidden and found vials. They all go into a giant cauldron along with Prosecco to be ladle-ed out and served like punch.

I won’t be ruining the ending of the show for you, so will just recommend that you attend for yourself. Each event has been unique thus far, with the acting portion setting them apart from any other bar concept. This is a great way to make believe and live out your dream of being a wizard! I highly recommend doing both the mini golf and cocktail portion for a more fulsome experience.

Vancouver Alpen Club
4875 Victoria Drive, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, V5N 4P3

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