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Potters Christmas Store 2022

The Christmas Store at Potters Returns for 2022 Holiday Season
Western Canada’s largest Christmas store is open now through December 24

It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas, and the one thing and place that best represents this is Potters, the same garden utopia is once again transformed to Christmas Central. This is Western Canada’s largest Christmas store, and it is now fully open and busting through the seams with joy through to December 24th.

Within, Vancouverites can find anything and everything they could possibly think of for Christmas decorating and Holiday gifting. From stockings to stocking stuffers, to mugs and the hot chocolate mixes to pack them with. Potters even carry oddities like chocolate covered nuts and fruits, named after the woodland creature feces they resemble. And unpopular candy cane flavours like clam juice, pickle and bacon.

The entire store is organized for easy shopping with pods based on colour or theme. A red and white wonderland greets you at the door with coke cola and peppermint Christmas motifs, accompanied by polar bears, Santa, and holly berries.

Further in you have aisles of ornaments organized with categories likes hobbies, foods, and peacock. Almost every ornament you’d want they have. With a pink donut and candy feature and a wall of nutcrackers. Noteworthy finds to showcase just how all-encompassing their collection is: a workout ornament with a woman deadlifting dumbbells, a weed brownie ornament with rainbow sprinkles, and a handicap-cable Santa in a wheelchair.

There are shelves where metallic orbs and ribbons are organized by greens, blues, pinks, slivers, bronzes and gold. And themed concepts like black and red Canadiana with wooden cabins, snowshoes and maple leaves. At the woodland Christmas section, you can find many fuzzy and furry birds and critters to pet. Centering the snow angel themed aisle is a frosted frozen-looking tree dawned in crystal and glass ornaments. And there is even a new black and white Parisan tree this year.

There are also intricate displays to shop that have you stopping and taking the time to admire what is before you. Like the light section with strobing colours, twinkling stars, and spinning dioramas. The cartoonish and fun Grinch display with all its grumpy green is a fan favourite, and can put a smile on the frowniest of faces.

And Mouse Town is my favourite. A moving display of posable mice living their best lives. They have repurposed our everyday human objects to use as their means of entertainment and their shelter. There is a soap dispenser elevator, a hollowed out globe made into an air bnb, and a rotating record player dance floor.

There is so much to see and even more to tempt you into purchasing, be sure to give yourself ample time to take it all in. We found ourselves making one cursory lap then doing it once more before returning to our favourite sections. I literally changed my mind multiple times over what decorations I needed to decorate my tree with this year, because I was so overwhelmed with options.

The Christmas Store at Potters, open now through December 24.

19158 48th Ave. in Surrey.

November 9 – December 24:
Mon, Tues, Sat and Sun: 9am – 6pm
Wed – Fri: 9am – 7pm

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