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Rumble Boxing Vancouver Yaletown


With a world wide pandemic many of us have found new and different ways to enjoy life and keep engaged. These quarantine hobbies have offered an escape, and the ability to learn and grow when the world was at a stand still.

One such hobby for me is boxing. It started with following the sport on television, and has now transition into learning how to box for fitness and fun. So it was extremely serendipitous to have Rumble Boxing reach out to me. They wanted me to give their services a try, with a complimentary class. And with this one 30 minute session I was hooked (get it boxing pun?). Hooked enough to sign up for a set of 10 additional classes, right on the spot. Not to mention they threw in my very own set of professional boxing gloves. My choice in colour and pattern to wear during said classes. So how can I refuse?

But before I get ahead of myself, here is how the entirety of my first time experience went. It was actually pretty rocky to start, and I was immediately put off the whole thing; thanks to one interaction with one individual. Luckily I was able to salvage it and come back for round 2 (another boxing pun).

Everyone registers at the counter, the clerk sitting behind the desk is the first face and the spokesperson for the gym. This is a role I deem critical for new and potential members. And truth be told, I have only found one clerk friendly (the one whom I paid for my classes with), otherwise I try to avoid the staff situated there altogether, and instead go to my instructor with any issues (like buying my own RMBL branded hand wraps to match my RMBL gloves).

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But I digress, back to my first experience. On this day the clerk was unaware of my complimentary trial and insisted I buy hand wraps. I was not warned of this fee prior to; and had I known wraps were required equipment, I would have bought my own from home. This confusion and precious minutes waiting around for a conclusion, cut into my class time. A frustration I would have taken better had the clerk been more inviting. I found her service cold, with me left feeling as if she could not be bothered with the likes of me. I don’t look like I belong to their club, nor am I a typical attendee residing out of Yaletown. Nonetheless I was here by invitation and a potential customer.

As a regular person entering this studio for the very first time you can be intimidated. It is a gorgeous glossy space with the staff to match. The staff are attractive, the women slender, the men muscular; and there you stand in old sweats and cellulite, trying not to spend money that you don’t have. This cold demeanour is enough to scare anyone away, especially if they are unsure about the program and themselves. I myself thought about leaving, if I am not wanted why am I here?

Luckily, my instructor for the day was looking forward to our class and was inquiring about me at the foyer. He was quick to take me away and lead me inwards to my scheduled appointment. He explained that the wraps are for safety, but we will be okay without them for today. He also wrangled up a towel and gym gloves for me to use.

You are able to change in one of their washrooms, if you are like me and come straight from work. They also have a shower room where you can rinse off if you have anywhere to go after your class.

You are not dedicated to one instructor, although if you do find one you like you can easily stick with and book them. Although for myself, with a schedule constantly influx, I find it easier to simply grab the time slot I want and the instructor that comes with it. At this point I have attended 3 sessions with 3 different instructors, total. And can conclude that each is a professional and patient as the last. They hold the same foundations and are here to teach it to you.

For me my main focus is proper technique and the ability to retain it all. I am notoriously clumsy with little ability to remain something physical that I learn. My brain has difficulties remembering patterns and struggles when I have to switch between hands/sides/stances. A fact that I divulge to each instructor, and each one was able to help me work through. Each does have their own style and way of doing things. From the warm up to the drills and how much repetition you commit to. Although at the end of the day they are happy to accommodate their client and help them towards their boxing goal.

The only thing I would change is my class time, 30 minutes really isn’t enough time, and as I am driving so far to attend, it is best to maximize. They have 1 hour long classes, classes that are 1 on 1, and/or classes you can take with a friend as a 2 on 1.

I have yet to inquire about it, but they also have heavy bag classes. As told by the studio hung with multiple branded punching bags. This allows for multiple individuals to punch at the same time. It would be nice to attend one and feed off the energy of a hard hitting room.

Overall I like how official of a boxing gym this is. The care they put into their facility and the prestige it’s name carries with all its branded merchandise and equipment.

The way the staff banter with one another tells me it is a friendly environment and a great place to get motivated and achieve. From all the hard bodies that surround you to the black wall tagged with marker, offering motivation from other; and the backlit posters reminding you to swing harder than life hit and that progress comes from going outside of your comfort zone.

Rumble Boxing Vancouver Yaletown
968 Expo Blvd, Vancouver, BC V6Z 2W1
(604) 336-6939

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