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The Wellness Show 2022

29th Annual Wellness Show:
 Life in Balance, Healthy Food & Lifestyle Options

Seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, Vancouver is ecstatic to be able to host expos and trade shows at the Convention Centre once more. This weekend (March 26 & 27) marks the return of the 29th annual Wellness Show. The gathering of vendors and consumers interested in “Life in Balance, Healthy Food & Lifestyle Options”.

As best taken from their website, “For more than 25 years the Wellness Show has been bringing new approaches to nutrition, fitness, physical and emotional well-being to help Vancouverites achieve their most holistic, healthiest selves. We connect like-minded businesses and thought-leaders in wellness. We educate the public on health options as a year-round online resource and as host of Western Canada’s biggest and most established health and lifestyles showcase.” 250 + exhibitors, 100 + speakers, cooking and fitness demonstrations,
2 days plus 20K attendees all under one roof.

As with most trade shows, vendors set up their booths, and engage those interested enough to stop and listen. See something that tickles your fancy? Take a pause and ask a few questions. Or maybe try a sample, enter a contest, and even get a coupon for a full sized product in store.

Each ticket holder is gifted a swag bag at the entrance. It includes samples and coupons. And the reusable bag is great to help carry all the additional samples and coupons you end up collecting as you bounce from table to table. I won’t be able to cover all the booths we visited, but here are some highlights.

I am a fan of The Very Good Butchers and the Very Good Cheese Co. for their flavourful plant-based pepperoni and Gouda cheese. I recently featured them in a vegan lasagna recipe I made up.

I learned that Meow Fest is a thing and that it is happening on August 20, 2022! It is Canada’s largest festival catered towards the cat community with memorable cat focused entertainment and activities. Their goal is to increase awareness for feline rescue and animal welfare.

Kaaj has a beautiful line of bean to bar organic dark chocolates. The earl grey cardamom was the one I sampled. It has a great flavour profile to pair with wine or coffee.

Yumy Bear is new to the healthy gummy game. Low in calorie candy made with real fruit juices.

Golden Home sprouted pizza crusts is a great option for those who love pizza, but not the carbs or calories they provide. They have gluten-free options as well.

Opus low in calorie, non-alcoholic cocktails in a can, just launched a new flavour. The Bellini is sure to be a summer hit. It is as tasty as it is low in sugar.

The Indian Pantry imports quality spices for their Indian style chai and curry mixes. After a tasty sample, Joyce of @monkeyeatsworld was inclined to purchase a satchel of chai to take home.

Mid Day Squares combined chocolate bar with power bar for a great hearty snack option. Ideal for an in-between meal buffer, fuel on a hike, or as source of all day energy.

I fell in love with Komo Comfort Food’s vegan lasagna. It was so tasty and included a generous layer of crispy cheese… yet was all plant-based. This made it on to my list for top frozen lasagna I have had to date.

And if you want gourmet soups at the ready. KitsKitchen has a healthy line of vegan soups you can easily freeze and pull out to thaw as needed.

Solbrü is alcohol-free elixirs that drink like a spirit or cocktail, and is good for you. Prepared with a blend of mushroom, botanical, apple cider vinegar and spices. Enjoy life and socializing your way.

We got to try Wize’s latest sparkling ice tea flavour, a month before it launches officially in May. Their fresh mango uses actual mango fruit and is low in sugar.

Being gifted with a care package of Justo’s dips I came into the convention already a fan. I was sure to make Joyce try how great their plant-based cream dips were. I am impressed with how delicious and creamy their ranch and tzatziki are, without the use of any actual dairy.

Majority of the products we tried are not for purchase at the convention, but attendees are able to find them at Nestor’s, on promotion, (in line with The Wellness show). They too were on location giving out Gaia apples, hand sanitizer and natural deodorant.

In conclusion this was a great platform to learn of and try new products and services in the health and wellness world. For those who are able to, I suggest grabbing a ticket and attending Sunday’s showcase. Or bookmark this recap for next year’s show.


Wellness Show 2022

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