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White Rock in the 2024 Mazda CX90 Signature MHEV

This weekend we decided to leave our regular city and drive towards the sun; which eventually got us to South Surrey, more affectionately known as White Rock. This was a 45 minute drive for us, and it felt like a quick getaway. An escape for most, but a great backyard for those living in the area.

We depended on the 2024 Mazda CX90 Signature MHEV to get us there. Coming out of the 2025 Mazda CX70 the week before, this felt all too familiar. The same comfortable and easy drive with the same inline 6 engine, but larger for more passenger and cargo room.

This was a proper 7 seater with more sprawling room for all back seats passengers. However, the front cabin felt more condensed as a result. I could have moved the seat back, but that would take away what little leg room those in the second row would have. It was all a balancing act, take from one to give to the other.

Each seat its own chair with individual climate control, quality Bose speakers, and retractable sunshade. There was also plenty of sunroof overhead to travel down the length of vehicle.

When driving, we found the third row head rest longer than norm, it blocked the driver’s view from the back window. It left us searching for a button on the dash to have it folding down and out of our eye line.

I just wasn’t a fan of the interior, a customization that is based on the owner’s preference. I found it all an eye sore. Bleach wood with a green tinge, set beside a textured white fabric with half stitching on the dash. Both of which continued on to the individual doors, paired with the CX90’s beige leather interior. This was a lot of the same coloured tones that was all just a shade too similar to match.

The drive was quick and relaxing, we got there a lot quicker than we thought we would, and at half the fuel cost, thanks to the regenerative braking of the Mazda CX90 MHEV. While coasting along the highway and at each red light stop, the SUV is harvesting energy to help further our fuel economy.

Our destination was the heart of White Rock. Miramar Village Plaza has been seeing some great growth with a large Thrifty Foods specialty grocery store, Bánh Mi Très Bon‘s second location serving up macarons and modern Vietnamese cuisine, Tacofino’s newest location for West coast Mexican fusion, as well as local South Surrey brewery: 3 Dogs.

We would meander the roped off market place, chatting with vendors set up side-by-side; offering handmade, jewelry, candles, housewares, pet food, and plenty of tasty bites. There were sausages on a sticks, freshly foraged mushrooms, farm grown and harvest vegetables, homemade empanadas, and gourmet lollipops.

We stopped for some French pastries, standing in queue with all the others who found themselves at the very end of the market. I opted for a flaky cheddar cheese and olive number, my partner indulged in crispy almond croissant, and we shared a raisin spiral.

We took our snack to the centre of the plaza, taking a seat around the makeshift stage. Pausing to enjoy summer and live music, alongside many others.

There was plenty of parking in the area, with up to three hours free. So we decided to leave the car and take a walk down to the water side, that we could see in the distance. This was an easy stroll on a slope with blue skies and blue waters driving us.

Our travels took us past a house with an exterior that looked like a castle. It included pruned hedges, a stone façade, and even a suit of armour on guard.

Oddly enough this is actually the second house in the area to model their home like castle (that we know of, there could be more). The rest are decorated to match their locale: seaside cool with rattan furniture, wave worn buoys, and trawling nets.

We built up our hunger and stopped at our favourite restaurant in the area. Uli’s is a quaint eatery offering BC wines and a Euro-inspired menu featuring local ingredients. A great spot if you can secure a table on their patio that faces the water.

We have visited a handful of times before, so knew what to order today. Our go-to cocktail is their Pete’s Dragon a smokey and effervescent beverage with laphraig scotch, green chartreuse, lemon juice, simple syrup, bitters, and ginger beer. Refreshing with the citrus and a great pairing with their calamari.

Buttermilk marinated squid topped with green onions and served with a spicy chipotle yoghurt. My partner noted it was different from the other times he has had it, and was not a fan of this rendition. I on the other hand liked how chewy the pieces were and how peppery they were seasoned. Tasty as is, but given a creamy zip with the sauce.

We then went to walk it off along the boardwalk, as our intended destination. This is Canada’s longest pier. It serves as a testament to the community with individual wooden planks plaque-d and dedicated to the sponsor(s) who donated to it being rebuilt, when it was storm-torn in 2019.

At the very end of the pier there was a collection of wildlife to take in. The proud bald eagle perched atop an antenna pole.

We spotted tiny fish, barnacles, and purple starfish under the dock.

We watched families fishing for crabs with raw chicken in traps. Tied off with ropes they were tossed as far as the fishermen could throw.

This was a lovely way to spend a free day.

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