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Brookside Inn Boutique Hotel

We were escaping the rainy day weather and the monotony of a world still caught in a pandemic, with an escape to Abbotsford. Living in such a diverse province allows those clever enough to explore it, the ability to get away. Today it was a one hour drive South East, with a country stay at the one-of-a-kind Brookside Inn Boutique Hotel.

Brookside Inn is located 15 minutes outside of downtown Abbotsford. A giant property, over looking rural Abbotsford: a majestic scene with the changing of the leaves from green to rust.

The expansive property is home to individual suites carved out of one large quadruplex. Each unit is named after a famous movie and comes equipped with a DVD player and a copy of its name sake film. You are able to watch said picture for an “inception” sort of experience. Each unit varies in size and is available to book per needs with the option of adjoining rooms, bachelor sized accommodations, and even a handicable bathroom without the need to climb in and/or out of a shower or tub. Majority of the suites comes with its own living room, bed room, kitchenette, bathroom with shower and tub, plus closets and patio.

Each decorated to suit the movie theme. There was the “A Midnight in Paris” suite, which gave visitors a more elegant feel. Set in black and white with carved details, crystal embellishments and a grand four-poster bed. This was the most simple of all the decorated suites; times two with an adjoining ensuite.

The “Under the Tuscan Sun” suite is equipped with warm tones and set more rustic like a cottage found on the country side.

The “Roman Holiday” suite was an open concept space with handicable amenities.

Our suite was “The Secret Garden”, and after given a sneak peek at the other rooms, definitely my favourite of the 6 available. It was kitschy and fun. Plenty of knick knacks to draw the eyes and keep your head on a swivel. You are surrounded by plenty of wooded elements: wreaths wound from twigs and branches, decorative mushrooms that double as storage containers, a bean bag stool that resembles a tree stump, and plenty of craved woodland creatures to watch over you.

But I was most enamoured by the full tree that stood tall in the living room, and the stone birdbath redesigned as a miniature garden, with actual soil and real bird feathers for effect.

The bathroom came equipped with both a single shower stall for a quick clean up; a full tub that fits two for a casual or more romantic occasion, especially when you add in salt crystals to the bath. Fresh towels, a hair dryer, and a collection of toiletries are available for your convenience as well.

The bed was a firm double on an iron frame. The linens were fresh, the pillows fluffed, and the room well kept and clean. Keep yourself cozy with the electric fireplace or cool down with the addition of an air conditioning unit.

We would spend majority of our time in the living room with basic cable television and a limited kitchen with complimentary snacks, tea, and bottles of water. Through we could have enjoyed the former in the shared theatre space with larger flatscreen and individual couches.

A few suites includes a microwave and a few other appliances, however our suite was adjacent to “Tiffany’s Banquet Room”, which gave us easy access to its amenities. Each stay includes a complimentary breakfast served in said banquet room, or is brought to your suite for a more private experience.

Breakfast is made from locally sourced ingredients, each meal thoughtfully prepared with presentation set to awe. Our breakfast was an egg frittata with roasted tomatoes and topped with fresh guacamole. The latter served as an amazing avocado spread over the whole grain toast. The crispy bacon added some salt and the sweet fruit some freshness. I have had such a spread before, but having it in Abbotsford, so close to land it was farmed on somehow made it that much more delicious. In fact, I would stop by again just to see if I can order another Brookside breakfast, with or without the stay.

In short, Brookside is a great way to getaway. An escape to the country like no other. A way to feel like you are somewhere other than the hustle and bustle of the city that you might work, commute, and live in. Stay and be blown away.

Brookside Inn Boutique Hotel
2379 Chardonnay Lane, Abbotsford, BC V4X 0A6
(604) 856-3300

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