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Four Seasons Whistler 2021

We were visiting Whistler for a late summer getaway. Myself and two other bloggers: Eileen of @misseileensoo and David of @pickydiners. And although we were not staying at the Four Seasons Whistler, we decided to spend majority of our only night, during our 36 hour stay therein.

My travel companions wanted to try their newer steakhouse: Sidecut; so we planned our evening around that.

Adjacent to Fairmount Whistler, where we were actually staying, we were easily able to walk from one hotel property to the other. A quick travel that led us to discover the above, highly Instagram-able faux garden arch way. A different scene from day to night, this corridor makes the perfect backdrop to any photo op.

Heading into the Four Seasons hotel lobby, we took note that their courtyard houses several large scale games for kids of all ages. Connect four, corn hole, and a giant chess board. A fun time, or another great photo opportunity.

We would begin our evening with some drinks at Braidwood Tavern. A casual lounge/bar space that leads into the more formal SideCut restaurant. We would grab a trio of stools by the bar, and order their most photogenic drinks. These would utilize the then new and trendy bar toy: the Flavour Blaster gun.

The Green Mile is a cocktail with Montis Alpenglow Gin, Green Chartreuse, pineapple, cucumber & basil shrub, lemon, grapefruit & hop bitters, served with a rosemary smoke bubble using the Flavor Blaster gun.

Similar in look and style is the Melon Dramatic No. 2 made with Montis North Vodka, Licor 43, watermelon, lime, simple syrup, lime leaf bitters. And also served with a rosemary smoked bubble using the Flavor Blaster gun. Once the bubble pops and a billow of smoke wafts out, it fragrances the drink and heightens it with the scent of the herb.

And, as best bars know, to keep patrons drinking more, for longer, you only need to offer them salty snacks. At Briadwood these were bowls of barbecue chips and hickory seasoned popcorn. The nibbles were complimentary and bottomless. It wet our appetites and had us othering another round drinks.

Seeing as they share the same space, we were also able to order off of SideCut’s cocktail listing.

The Volcan De Fuego drank like an Old Fashioned with rum. Zacapa 23 YO rum, amontillado sherry, cherry and amaro, suius cherry bitters, and applewood smoke. The cocktail is presented in a lantern, similar to the bubble popping concept above. Here, you lift the latch and release the drink and a cloud of surround smoke that enhances your experience. A sightly sweetened smoke to offset the rich heaviness for your cocktail.

The Golden Bridge Sour was a lot lighter, yet not expected with the slight curry notes I made out. Ketel one vodka, apricot & lemon, vanilla-honey, plum & rootbeer bitters, egg white, and passionfruit. No puff of smoke, the pageantry here came in the passion fruit dusted coupe. Therefore, don’t be surprised to catch yourself licking your glass clean.

When time, we finally ascended deeper down the length Restaurant, that seemed to wrap around the court yard. We made our reservation for SideCut, being directed to a lovely table for four, by their indoor feature fire pit.

There, our meal began with the usual bread and butter to start. A warm crusty loaf and some creamy salted butter to wet the appetite. And in our case, build up some base for all the drinking before, and in our hotel room after.

We would follow it with some champagne, to further celebrate the occasion. Popped quietly table side, and kept chilled in a free standing ice bucket.

The sparkling was the perfect accompaniment to our order of Pacific Shucked Oysters. If you are going to dress up an occasion this is the way to do it. A serving of 6 pieces already topped with a green tomato mignonette, pickled onion, and lime. They were incredibly sweet and decadently refined. A lighter starter to lead us into our heavy entree.

We went the extra mile and splurged on the 52oz “The Long Bone” Dry Aged Beef Ribeye from Double R Ranch in Washington. At $199 this is definitely a quality piece of meat that you savour. It is cut up table side by your server with a pair of sharpened blades. Sliced down for easy sharing, it was still a lot for 3 grown adults. You can definitely make out the quality of the beef and the slow cooked preparation that left it both tender and smokey. But be warned, the price only reflects the steak, so you need to add on some sides to help balance out the meal.

We would choose the Duck Fat Pemberton mashed potatoes with rosemary and the steamed asparagus in a bernaise sauce. Both of which helped to add freshness and change the taste between meaty morsels.

Looking to round out our night, we indulged in their campfire s’mores set. Not available through SideCut, but possible if you ask at the right time, within the right season.

At Four Seasons Whistler, they fully utilize their courtyard and fire pit with an option to make your own s’mores. The kit includes the traditional marshmallows, chocolate, and graham cracker; and the extendable sticks you need to roast the former most over a roaring fire. It is a self serve affair, where doing is more fun than eating.

The heat of the flame keeps you warm, but if you need extra heat, the hotel offers blankets and additional drinks to warm you inside and out.

In short, Four Seasons Whistler will definitely be our next hotel stay. There are many more exclusive menu items we missed, like the brunch Caesar flight and high tea option. Plus more fun to be had within. And definitely one night is not enough time to partake in it all.

Four Seasons Resort Whistler
4591 Blackcomb Way, Whistler, BC V8E 0Y4
(604) 935-3400

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