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Harrison Hot Springs in the 2022 Nissan Frontier KingCab

This week I was in the driver’s seat of the Nissan Frontier. My first and only truck review of the year, and one I originally wanted during my birthday for a week of sun, fishing and hiking fun outdoors. After all, that is what I think of when I think pick ups. A rugged, all purpose utility vehicle, ideal for traversing uneven terrain and a bevy of elemental factors thrown your way.

So although it was no longer summer, I finally had the Frontier and figured it would be a great ride for our girl’s trip to Harrison Hot Springs in the off-season of fall.

As always, I don’t do any research before I pick up a vehicle. I like reviewing them as an every day women, and seeing how easily is it to get in the vehicle and pick up the controls and learn the features as I go and need them.

So when I heard the 2022 Nissan Frontier was a king cab, I figured it was king like a king mattress and it would have plenty of space in the cabin for 3 girls. I would only later learn that the term refers to a more compact cabin with full driver and passenger seats, but a cramped second row at the back. Bare minimum requirements to be designated a seat, x2. The back seat passenger(s) enter via a discrete miniature door. You open the main door on either side, and lift the tuck-in handle to open the additional side door. Then complete the reverse to close it.

There at the back you are greeted by a basic seat cushion with no support of comfort for the back. You are pressed up against the hard plastic of the cab with no leg room. Bent 90 degrees at the knees is the only way you are getting in, if at all. Thankfully one of us were smaller than the others and able to accommodate, anyone over 5feet would have a bad time. This was even more problematic for us as we were travelling for 2 hours each way and had to bring overnight bags with us. And naturally our truck had no cargo space, only an uncovered tailgate and a small bin under one of the back passenger seats. So thankfully we were only staying over for one night and could fit overnight bags necessities for 3, stacked on spare seat.

Either way, long story short we made it work and we got to our destination safely.

As the driver I had the best experience. I had the full ability to reposition my seat and set up lumbar to my liking. The front passenger seat did not have theses full comfort setting, and as I mentioned earlier the back seats didn’t even have a seat back.

I did romanticized the 2022 Nissan Frontier King Cab. I loved the idea of us in our winter warm Canadian plaids and Buffalo checks. Three smaller girls coming out of a larger truck, out into the wilderness, an expected sight, yet fully matching the theme of our travel. Not to mention the forest green of the Frontier melded well with the green of nature that surrounded us.

Rugged, tough, and steadfast. The ride was a smooth one, the suspension gave us a steady drive through winding roads and a bit of gravel. We got to our destination ahead of schedule and only at the cost of a 1/4 tank, which included the necessary detour of picking up the car and the others. This is impressive, as I formally thought all trucks to be gas guzzlers, all things considering this was great fuel economy.

Our travel was to witness what it was like in this summer town during the off season. With the colder temperatures and the steady rain, the appeal of this water side town seemed less desirable now.

Our stay was at Harrison Beach Hotel, immediate centre of the town, with everything in walking distance either to your left or your right, and the view of the out stretched beach up front.

Our shared room included a full kitchen with mini fridge, microwave, and a slew of cupboards and drawers filled with dish ware. Definitely stocked for an extended stay. The compost bin was an impressive touch, and the coffee pod machine a considerate one.

We would share 2 queen sized beds between 3 women. Both semi firm with crisp sheets and fluffed pillows. We would fall asleep soundly on these, and I was lucky enough to be able to sprawl myself on my very own queen of comfort.

The shared living area amenities included a dining table with chairs for two, a corner desk, gas fuelled fireplace, and television. We would only really use the former two for our 1 night stay. Once again, all designed with multiple nights in mind.

The washroom was clean, both the sink and tub drained well with great water pressure. Stocked with Aveda branded toiletries including shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and lotion.

The whole of the room served us well. We just wished the weather permitted us to better utilize our lake view patio more. Naturally we did have to celebrate the occasion with a bottle of wine and the view.

Worth noting is the town has only one liquor store. It is adjacent to the Old Settlers Pub and both look like cozy winter cabins from their exterior. There are not too many bars or any cocktail lounges in town, but the store has a great selection of drinks and our hotel room had plenty of glasses to serve them in. Plus the chairs to side down and enjoy them on.

Sadly, a night’s stay at Harrison Beach Hotel does not include access to Harrison’s fabled hot springs. Although there is a public hot spring pool that anyone could access at a cost. However this was shuttered for the season. And we think there might have been an indoor pool at our hotel, as we could smell the familiar scent of chlorine walking in and out. Although with the weather we didn’t have the drive to try.

Nonetheless, between 2 days and 1 night we spent our time exploring Harrison’s tourists sites and a few of their memorable dining options. There are as follows.

Being so close to nature, the district of Harrison has plenty of hiking trails. The most notable is the spirit trail, which has a series of masks mounted on trees. The goal is to walk amongst them and consider what emotions they evoke in you as you breathe in the scent of the sky scraping historic redwoods.

At the city centre is their Lakeside plaza, and this winter it is decorated for some Christmas cheer. The experience is different from day to night, with reason to visit from dusk to dawn.

During the day there are wooden cut outs that you can poke your head through as a fun photo op, capturing the picturesque lake in the background.

We were excited to spot the outdoor gym that utilizes your own body weight as weights to lift. We took the time to give each machine a try. This is available for use all year round. And it has a great view overlooking the beach and water behind it.

At night your lake side walk glows with fun winter themed displays. There are giant candy canes, twinkling arches, and lines of lights strung connecting tree to tree.

Majority of these are themed around the city’s love of the iconic Sasquatch. Sasquatch hiking, fishing, and roasting marshmallows. Sasquatch and his wife out for a bike ride, a Sasquatch family photo, and Sasquatch wishing you a Merry Christmas.

The idea is to walk around Harrison Hot Spring’s lake and to take in the lights as you do. There are new this year, but I foresee them growing their collection and installing more for the years to come!

With themes like Canadiana and wildlife, which includes 3D raccoons, deers, geese, beavers and even a moose.

In trees hung birds in mid flight and snow flakes fluttering. On benches sat jolly elves, inviting you to rest your feel. And there were plenty of warm wishes spelled out across the lawn.

To the right most of this walk (from the perspective of our hotel overlooking the lake) there is an ice skating rink with skates for rent. The perfect way to round out your night with an outdoor skate. Or the ideal way to capture your hallmark Christmas moment on camera.

Throwing it back to Sasquatch, if you are a fan of the legendary beast, like myself, the Tourism of Harrison Office boasts a collection of Big Foot related artifacts and collectables. This is their temporary home as they build a permanent museum in the year to come.

At the Tourism Office you can currently see full sized statues of Sasquatch, cast moulds of giant foot prints, matted hair samples, and believable skull replicas. Plus a ton of collectible Big Foot merchandise that you can purchase for yourself or for souvenirs.

And if looking for an edible treat, exclusive to the locally owned Rocky Mountain chocolate factory you can get Big Foot feet shaped chocolate pops.

The popular chocolate chain also serves as a great spot for sweet treats like chocolate covered nuts and dried fruit, candied apples, and peanut brittle. And for Christmas many boxed gifts and seasonal themed chocolate giftables are now available.

As for actual meals, we dined at Morgan’s adjacent to Harrison Beach Hotel and Black Forrest an authentic German restaurant. More on both in their own posts.

But if looking for a great breakfast option in town, the buffet at Harrison Hot Springs Lakeside Cafe is a great one. $25 and all you can eat from a selection of savoury hot foods like bacon, sausage, hashbrown, and scrambled eggs. Sweet pastries like chocolate danishes, fruit turnovers, and buttery croissants. There were easy grab and go mini cereals with milk. And a station where you can toast bagels and/or bread and have it with an assortment of spread.

And the made to order omelet station can’t be missed. Choose from the likes of mushrooms, tomatoes, onions,, and peppers and have it folded with melted cheese.

You don’t typically eat your money’s worth at buffets, especially first thing in the morning, but it’s certainly is worth the cost, if you are like me, and like a little bit of everything and the ability to have it all.

And thus ended our retreat to Harrison, a great getaway in November if you are looking for a slower paced winter.

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