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Marzano, Nelson BC

In this post, I was still working in the Kootenays for a week. And tonight it was dinner at Marzano, an Italian restaurant that came highly recommended by other restaurant workers and my coworkers alike. I walked up to the restaurant, not expecting something so nice at the base of a Best Western. Although at 4.5 stars in Nelson, I am guessing the hotel property ranks higher in the Kootenays.

The restaurant definitely adds stars with its its chic marble and bleach wood surfaces, tile floor, and over all spacious setting.

Marzano advertises themselves as a wine and pizza place, so I had to get both. Plus, my eye caught the wood fire pizza oven at the back and thought it worth exploring.

It was nice to get a simple glass of house red after all the sweet and fruity cocktails I have been exploring.

From off of their featured menu I order their pizza special. The La Grande Bianca was a fitting name for such an assembly: Kennebec potatoes, anchovies, red onions, pepperoncini, Gouda, Parmesan, truffle cream sauce, pistachio gremolata, and rosemary oil. This was creative and unique with plenty of textures and tastes to paw through, which is right up my alley and caters to my preferences.

The pizza ate thicker with the layer of potatoes. Each bite was different. Spicy and tangy pops from the briny pepperoncini. The red onions added a breath of much needed freshness. I didn’t taste the anchovies on many bites but did notice a single small fish’s worth of meat scattered haphazardly over the pie. I am guessing it also added to the pizza’s saltines. The most interesting topping, and new to pizza for me was the pistachio crumble. I got the crunch and the fragrance to end and to start and liked its peekaboo flavour. Although it was the truffle that tied it all together with its creamy base. The pizza as a whole was tasty as is, but I doubled down on the flavour with their house made chilli oil. Truly one of the best pizzas I have had all on a light and airy charred crust.

I was also curious over their Squid Ink Casarecce with seared scallops, coconut seafood bisque, tarragon + charred lemon sauce, buttered green beans, and pickled radishes. It had quite the look. A mix of colours that were cohesive in flavour, minus the pink ginger that contrasted the lot with its overwhelming tang.

It felt like a crime to mix it all up, but as is the pasta was only lightly buttered and fragranced with lemon. You had to stir in the sauce as it was too pungent as is or as a dip. The perfectly cooked, el dente pasta sopped up the tomato based sauce with ease. The tarragon is definitely making its mark, not trying to blend in. I liked the snap of the yellow beans and found the dish overall delightful, but not one I would crave for of need another go of.

I walked away thinking that this was best restaurant I have visited this far. Impressed with everything so much so that I returned for a revisit.

I had gifted my coworkers with a pizza from another restaurant that fell flat, so to redeem myself and not make that mistake again, I returned to Marzano for a pie to go. As there was one vegetarian in the office, and I didn’t want to order a similar cream sauce mushroom as I did with the previous pizza, so was happy that they were willing to make a substitution. I would order a meat-based pizza and half of it would be without meat and on the other half mushrooms would take its place.

This was the Prosciutto with cured ham, arugula, parmesan, fior di latte, balsamic reduction, and san marzano tomato sauce. I didn’t realize there would be fresh arugula topping it, and only later realized it would be wilted by the time we got to it at work the next day. Lightly dressed in a sweet tomato sauce, the salty and fatty cured meat and sharp smokey aged cheese is what flavoured it. Best fresh, this is just the kind of pizza that isn’t the same with a wait outside of the oven. But I guess it is the thought and gesture that counts?

As I waited for the pizza to bake I decided to indulge in their feature cocktail: the Fig Business. Made with Maker’s Mark Bourbon, galliano, fig and chai syrup, and lemon juice; topped with a foamy egg white. This was stronger drink mellowed out by the sweetness of the fig and the creaminess of the egg white topper. I specifically noted the warmth of the chai spice that finished off each sip.

In conclusion, Marzano was the liveliest of all the restaurants I visited during my stay in Nelson and the consistently the busiest. Classic pastas and pizza plus a collection of unique offerings all their own. Visit twice like I did, to be able to try most of their menu.

153 Baker St, Nelson, BC V1L 4H1, Canada
+1 250-352-9205

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