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2023 Acura Integra A-Spec review

In a day and age where convenience and ease are key, and the quick and lazy way is the best, you are not seeing as many commuters opt in for a manual mode of transportation. I, myself only faintly know how to push down on the clutch and shift gears. And the thought of sitting in city traffic with the extra 3-4 steps needed to start your stopped vehicle seems like too much of a repetitive action. No one wants the extra work as you inch your way through a line of cars.

However, when given an opportunity to get behind the wheel of the newly designed 2023 Acura Integra A-spec, I jumped at the chance. The chance to captain such an iconic vehicle with so much history was exciting. Released under the Honda brand in Japan, but marketed as an Acura in North America. The Integra saw much success, being highly regarded for its handling and performance from 1985-2006. The disappearing for 16 years before its return in 2021, and now its latest facelift in 2022 for 2023.

The 2023 Acura Integra promises a 6-speed manual transmission to entice the performance focused driver. Choose between the standard gear shift or utilize the sporty paddle shifters located at either sides of the wheel. For many, this would be closest we would get to driving like a racecar driver. You can feel the power from the performance VTEC Turbo engine and easily harness it with the Integra’s touch sensitive wheel, with its extra cushiony grip.

It also gives the ability to choose between three distinct driving modes with its Integrated Dynamic System (IDS): Comfort, Normal and Sport. Settings that allow specific adjustments for the throttle response, automatic transmission mapping, steering feel, and gauge coloration. For the layman, like myself this translates to stiffer suspension in the Comfort mode so you avoid feeling every bump and turn with more traction. And more giddy up in the go for the Sport mode, with the available limited slip differential that helps provide improved steering control and response during acceleration and cornering.

The A-spec package in particular was created to give the car a more stylish and aggressive look and feel, with its signature headlights and lower profile stance. Within the car this includes 12-way power front seats draped in a plush synthetic red leather. Sleek metallic details including the cross pattern and simple knob of the AC vents. And ambient LED cabin lighting that helps set the tone of each drive.

Despite this leaning more towards a sports car, the 2023 Acura Integra also boasts many of the everyday conveniences that most consumers have come to expect from a would be daily driver. Like a solid sound system. The Integra is equipped with an ELD Studio 3D Premium Audio System that allows you to listen to your music through Apple or Android play. And includes 16 fine-tuned speakers strategically placed throughout the cabin. The surround sound makes a difference. And if you have ever driven a sports car within the city, you know the best time is late at night, with no traffic and the right soundtrack. Music is important.

Safety features include “AcuraWatch”, their collection of driver-assisted technologies designed to help mitigate accidents and collisions, for when you simply can’t react quickly enough. Adaptive cruise control helps the vehicle maintain a set speed and distance from the vehicle detected ahead. Whereas the low-speed feature will bring the vehicle to a complete stop if the detected vehicle slows to a stop. The Collision Mitigation Braking System is able to avoid a collision or soften it by determining the distance and closing speed of objects directly ahead.

In short, this is a great update and remake of a nostalgic vehicle, and one for any car enthusiast. For the rest of us, a fun weekend ride when you don’t need to worry about traffic and are only driving for shorter stints.


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