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Chilliwack in the Genesis GV80

Today we were on another girl’s trip out to the Fraser Valley and equipped with another Genesis. Our first trip had us in the GV70 sedan, so it was nice to have more space for 3 in the GV80 mid size today. Especially as our drive out was 1 hour longer, and our costume changes a lot more complicated. For that trip and that review, click the link below.

The Genesis GV80, like all the Genesis vehicles I have had before it, is stunning. The attention put into the body work shows, as it continues to be confused with a Bentley, when I am behind its wheel.

As it is on the outside, it is just as considerately lavish in its interior. The panels that surround the cockpit feel luxe. Much like the seat that has you feeling like you are situated on a throne. The head rest is firm yet plush, almost uncomfortably nice because you are not use to something this comfortable, while engaged in something as serious as driving. A wide chair that allows you to spread yourself out, while still holding you tight during cornering. Not to mention all the finite adjustments you can make to customize your lumbar support, necessary for longer distance drives and today’s escape. For the year thus far, this ranks as one of the most comfortable and spacious vehicle cabins we have had to date.

The GV80 seats 7 with a fold out 3rd row, this is easily accessible via push button controls. A button for each seat and each direction. The seats fold down for cargo room and rise back up if you want the extra seating space. The first two rows have climate control with both heating and cooling functions.

The centre console is touch screen controlled. You can also use the dial, and spin for a more accessible mode of navigation. It parallels with the dial in place of the more traditional lever gear shift.

We highly enjoyed the speaker quality. The audio sounded full as it ricocheted off the padding and car’s trim. The only miss was the fact that now and again our Bluetooth audio would disconnect, and the vehicle’s built-in media would sound. Its list contains a series of nature sounds that includes heavy steps in packed snow, a crackling fire, and white noise. An interesting feature and not one I would utilize or think of wanting while driving. Maybe when parked and enjoying another’s company?

As for the way it drove, there was great power behind the wheel, we just wished the wheel itself was a little more ergonomic to match the seats, especially as both featured the same smooth sleek leather feel. You could feel the force from the engine, driving felt like gliding through air: seamless and effortless. And it didn’t matter the mode. Both Eco and sport had the same quality of driving. With great suspension that had you not feeling the slightest bumps.

Overall, the Genesis GV80 was a great SUV to have on our 1.5 hour drive out to Chilliwack with multiple stops. Of which included our exploration of District 1818 within downtown Chilliwack. This is a new and upcoming neighbourhood with trendy shops, relevant food and drink options, and an amalgamated aesthetic to make it feel like its own little community.

During our visit much of it was still under construction, with more similar buildings erected in the same colour scheme and architecture to come. But for now, here are the top 8 places I recommend visiting when in District 1818, Chilliwack BC.

The Chilliwack Shop
45925 Thunderbird Lane #103, Chilliwack, BC V2P 2P1, Canada
+1 604-819-2755
The Chilliwack Shop offers gifts and apparel from Tourism of Chilliwack. Not just for out-of-towners visiting, but for anyone who wants to show their city’s pride with stickers, pins, tees and hoodies. I myself picked up a couple of decals and a light tee highlighting my love of fishing and all the hours I put into casting my rod at Vedder.


Smoking Gun Coffee Roasters
46168 Yale Rd #101, Chilliwack, BC V2P 0J6, Canada
+1 236-522-1386

Smoking Gun Coffee Roasters is based out of Chilliwack. They sell bags of their small batch roasted coffee out of their shop. And at their cafe, you can try before you buy with a hot or cold beverage. They also have coffee slushies, and it is one of the best that famed food blogger @foodologyca has had.


Bow & Stern
46130 Yale Rd, Chilliwack, BC V2P 0J6, Canada
+1 604-392-5989

Local bar with easy drinking craft beers on tap and a great selection of seafood pub favourites, befitting of their name. Full review of our 7.5 course lunch in the link below.

Bow and Stern


The Local Space
46132 Yale Rd #101, Chilliwack, BC V2P 0J6, Canada
+1 778-201-5451

A modern boutique with a great selection of high-quality household goods and giftables. Candles, throws, novelty glassware, small batch apothecary and more.


Bricklayer Brewing
46126 Yale Rd #101, Chilliwack, BC V2P 2P1, Canada
+1 604-991-2337

Whereas Bow & Stern does not brew their own beers, but Bricklayer Brewing does; and right out of Chilliwack. The best way to try what they are all about is via one of their flights. And in support of pride, you can get it glitterized with a teaspoon or two of edible glitter. It certainly adds appeal to the glass. I also really like their growlers you can purchased, etched with a picture of a donkey being led by a carrot attached to his head.


The Book Man
45939 Wellington Ave, Chilliwack, BC V2P 2C6, Canada
+1 604-792-4595
You can spend hours here, not even reading or going through the bookshelves, but simply exploring every knick and knack that surrounds it. Pop culture collectables like Hogwarts Wands, and Lego hobbits. Decorative pieces like crystal sun catchers and replica crowns. A definite must stop for book enthusiasts and every other person with any sort of hobby.


Harvest Store & Café
9381 Mill St, Chilliwack, BC V2P 4N3, Canada
+1 604-392-5501

If you are craving donuts in Chilliwack, Harvest Cafe is where you go to get them. They have a collection of classics like glazed and chocolate dip, and a few outside the box like maple bacon and cinnamon toast crunch with actual cereal pieces.


Murals at District 1881
46140 Yale Rd #201, Chilliwack, BC V2P 0J6, Canada
During our visit, the town was preparing for their 2022 mural festival. A historic downtown public art festival that combines the live creation of large-scale murals made by emerging and established artists. Here are a few of the pieces that caught my eye when we were in town.


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