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RE:VIVE Social House

This is hands down the most photogenic restaurant in Abbotsford.

What was once strictly a decor store, curated by the owners and outfitted with all that they love, has now blossomed to a cafe and lifestyle concept shop.

This is the kind of place that engulfs you. It has you feeling like you are threading water, given how much you swivel and scan the room to take it all in. An oasis at the centre of low-rise construction and the flat farm lands of Abbotsford. So well thought out that it transforms you far, far away to somewhere a lot more lush and tropical.

I can go into detail about all their candles, throw cushions and accessories, but the term a picture is worth a thousand words speaks volumes here. So take in the photos to get a better idea of their bohemian inspired offerings, and be inspired to take the perfect photos against one of these naturally acting back drops. If looking at it makes you as excited and happy as it made me, imagine getting to work surrounded by all this beauty.

After you have indulged in your curiousity and explored each nook and cranny dutifully, you can take it all in by sitting down and grabbing a drink and a bite to eat.

It is not surprising that each service is done with a flourish. Rustic island-themed accessories fully set the tone, from the weighted ceramic mugs to the giant beads all the staff members wore. My black coffee came on a wooden tray, alongside my guest’s latte equipped with milk foam art. Even the milk and sugar were stored in miniature brass pineapple containers.

As for food they had open faced sandwiches, fresh pastries, fruit smoothie bowls, and chips and dips. But the best way to embrace the space is via one of their boards. Three available options including the familiar charcuterie style, a sweet and salty combination, and even one just for the vegetarians. We went for the best of both worlds combining our main with our dessert. Their listing of desserts is just as impressive, but we feared we would lack the stomach space to indulge in any of it.

Hard cheese, soft brie, and a creamy cheese spread. Candied chewy bacon, tender ribbons of prosciutto. Strawberry sections, grapes on steam, home dried mango, pomegranate seeds, orange halves, black berries, and banana slices. Have as is or with a side of mixed nuts, caramel popcorn, and/or salted pretzels. But I liked it best over the baguette slices, crispy pita sections, and fruit crackers. Finished off with a yogurt-like spread, and honey from a dripper.

You pick and choose each bite, enjoying the sensory experience fully within your surroundings. Although, out of personal preference, I feel like I would have probably like their savoury board more.

I cannot express how positive my experience at RE:VIVE was and cannot urge you more to visit for yourselves. Even the washrooms are memorable. Be sure to make a reservation, as they will no doubt become the city’s newest hot spot, with out of towners willing to travel the distance to visit.

33757 South Fraser Way, Abbotsford, BC V2S 2C3
(604) 556-0568

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