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Millionaire Paintball

We had won tickets to paint balling from an adult Easter egg hunt (that is a whole different story). The grand prize garnered us free rentals, with only the need to pay for ammunition for up to 10 players. So we gathered JoyDaiggi and friends for an hour’s worth of fun.

For this or any trips out to Millionaire Paintball you only need to call ahead and make a reservation for your party, paying a deposit of $12 per person for 100 pellets of paint. Then pay for the eye protection and paintball gun rentals at the actual location.

Located in Abbotsford it is a trek to get to, but the realistic setting is worth the experience. I have only been to indoor paint-balling previous to this, so can now check off outdoor paint-balling from the bucket list.

After a short and winding off road drive, you park in their gravel lot and walk up to check in at their makeshift hut. A burning fire in an oil drum marks the spot and sets the tone. And after signing a waiver you are given the safety demo in person. The two key takeaways are to not remove your protective head and eye wear when in the sectioned off combat field. And when you walk out of it with your gun, it needs to be muzzled by a sack on a bungee string.

I went in to this experience thinking coveralls would be provided to you, as you were playing with paint. Therefore came in leggings and a tee, along side an army fatigue patterned aka camouflage wool cardigan as a laugh. The reality was it was raining slightly, the ground was muddy, and we were going to get messy. Everyone else knew to bring an extra change of clothes and came in boots that were prepared for mud. So if trying this for yourself, learn from my mistake.

As a group of 6 we were split into teams of 3 and given targets/goals before being led into the playing field. This was a fenced off section curated with fallen trees, stacked tires, and the wooden shells for shelter.

Our first two rounds had us as Team Blue versus Team Yellow, marked by a ribbon attached to the base of each face covering. The rules were the first team to eliminate the other wins, with the ability to forfeit.

We also had the rule to not shoot one another within 5 feet. A golden rule I forgot when backed into a corner and caught off guard. In my stunned fear I sprayed bullets in-front of me, to shield and protect, hitting my opponent/friend in a delicate region, and instantly leaving a bruise. Lesson learned, I am bad under pressure and do whatever it takes to protect myself.

The next few rounds we played capture the flag. Once again, split into a different teams of 3, the goal was to grab the flag at the centre of the field and bring it to your enemy’s base.

We played for an hour, mixing teams, and trying different strategies. Our specific winning ticket actually allowed for two hours of play time, with the need to reload and pay for more rounds as needed. However, for most of us, despite the spirit being willing, the body wasn’t. The terrain was rocky, squatting and kneeling was necessary. And a few of us even complained that our legs were sore the next day.

At the very end, we played sniper, testing our precision by landing a single paint ball on a thin metal pole. And would follow it by spraying a volley of paint fire on to unsuspecting tires as a group. All in order to expel our initial 100 bullets each and another 100 we purchased to share.

Overall, this was a fun experience, best on a dry, with nothing slippery to trip on day. Although I would also not recommend this on too hot of a day, as your mask would fog up and you would be without visibility.

Millionaire Paintball
31515 Harris Rd, Abbotsford, BC V4X 1W2
(604) 551-8806

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