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Whistler Snowboarding 2022

I was gifted a set of 4 gondola tickets to Whistler Blackcomb, so gathered the Snowboarding gang together for one last session of the season. Yuki of @pekopekolife, Jenn of @jennchanmedia, and Dennis of @dennispang were in attendance.

We all managed to get a Monday off and carpooled up to Whistler, with Dennis behind the wheel. The surprise was the ability to fit 4 individual’s worth of gear into one sedan.

Yuki made us spam and egg musubi, which made a great breakfast, and a nice snack that we could keep in our pockets, to pull out and nibble on any where on the mountain.

I won’t be going into detail over the runs we completed or recap the quality of them, instead here are some breathtaking photos that I took.

I have only been Whistler snowboarding once before. My first year was last year, and I only had begun learning how to snowboard. We went up Whistler mountain once and it took everything I had to go down.

This time around, I was better equipped to follow behind my crew of much more experienced boarders. We went up several runs where all we could see was the tip of the other mountains in the background. And others where you were in a cannon surrounded by walls of snow.

We attempted to traverse to the picturesque ice caves, but the T-lift was close and the trek on foot with board in hand, did not seem worth it. We figured it was something to do next year.

We went 3 weeks before the season ended and as a result, the weather was perfect. But sunny and cloud-free skies meant artificial packed down snow and icy runs. And this was my undoing. Our day on the slopes came to an end when I had a bad fall and hurt my wrist. But that is a whole another saga for another post.

So I was forced to pack up my stuff and take the gondola back down to the village, while the others took the fun way, boarding down the summit until snow and ice turned to grass and dirt.

At the village we decided to do apres ski at Handle Bar, a pizza parlour and bar Dennis and I were both very familiar with. Here we enjoyed a few drinks with a large pizza of split flavours. A spicy meat lovers and a regular pepperoni.

But the real reason why we were here was for their ski luge. A ski with four shot glasses mounted on to it, so that the drinkers shoot them back in tandem. The trick is to coordinate when to take it back and to watch out for the little guy.

With that our band packed up our belongs for the long ride home back to Vancouver. A mostly successful, highly memorable day in Whistler with the snowboarding gang. Ready for the next season.

Whistler Blackcomb Resort
4545 Blackcomb Way, Whistler, BC V0N 1B4
(604) 967-8950

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