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2022 Honda Odyssey

As for as minivans go, the Honda Odyssey is one that has endured, although the latest update sees that it no longer features a vacuum in the trunk. I recall this once being my favourite utility of any brand and make (even more so than massaging seats), as the one selling point that has truly helped to speak to the Odyssey’s intended demographic: a young family on the go.

Built with a family in mind, this 8-seater is utility meets function. But how does it relate to a single person’s household such as myself? In this comparison piece I will reflect on the manufacturer’s intension for the 2022 Honda Odyssey and how it can translate for me, an audience it might not necessarily be intended for.

This would normally not be my first go to for any vehicle as there is far too much unused space, and it does not have the same rugged appeal of a Sport Utility Vehicle that I do like. Although if it were a camping trip I was planning for, or a road trip that required rest breaks, the 2022 Odyssey would be a great option. The cabin feels just like that, a cabin: so spacious. No bumped elbows, no fighting for arm rests or having to squeeze your belongs at the bottom of your feet. There is plenty of space for everyone and their things. And all this space within is quiet, the interior feels sound proofed. You can easily tune out the world on the other side of the glass window, ideal for a nice nap or private conversation.

The two row of seats at the back are some of the roomiest. More comfortable than that of other SUVs that I have sat in. And with an easy sideways slide or a forward motion you can adjust it to your preferred seating configuration for a personalized seating plan. Which may also give hope to parents needing to split their children up on extended long drives. However, it is a challenge to fully remove the second row, a contest of strength that I gave up on. Although if you put in the time and endure the struggle, you are rewarded with an absorbent about of cargo potential, or in my case, an easy convertible bed.

With a V-6 engine you have enough power and don’t have to constantly feel it. Smooth and breezy when cruising, yet forceful enough to inch forward when scaling an incline or deciding to overtake another vehicle. This coupled with the slew of safety features remind you why you are in 2022 Honda Odyssey and the demographic such a vehicle is geared towards. Standard automated emergency braking with pedestrian detection, Standard lane-departure warning with lane-keeping assist, and Standard adaptive cruise control. You can rest assured that your being and your family are kept safe with the latest technology at Honda’s disposal.

Handing is smooth and you almost forget you are maneuvering a minivan. You don’t feel the back end whipping out, nor do you lose any traction when taking faster and narrower turns. And sizing wasn’t really an issue, it did not feel boxy on larger roads. It was not fuel efficient by any means, but it also didn’t feel like you are paying more and more often to haul around an extra two rows you didn’t need (speaking from my single person household perspective).

And for the parent who needs eyes everywhere, the Honda Odyssey has an in-cabin camera that allows you to literally have “eyes at the back of your head”. And for myself, this tool serves as a way to communicate easier with my passengers, the closest the driver can get to looking them in the eyes while holding conversation.

In short, the 2022 Honda is a superb minivan for larger families, and those who may need a larger vehicle for sleeping in and moving large pieces of furnishings frequently with.


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