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Oliver in the 2022 Honda Accord Hybrid

Anticipating a long drive during a time where BC is seeing unprecedented gas prices, we were happy to have the 2022 Honda Accord Hybrid for the week. And specifically as our main mode of transport on a weekend two day and one night get away to Oliver in British Columbia’s wine country: The Okanagan.

In actuality we thought we signed up for and were expecting an electric vehicle with plug in capabilities, as well as a gas tank to lean on. But when it was time to plug it into the quick charging EV socket, we realized no plug existed. And that the “Hybrid” in the title referred to the A 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine and hybrid system that stored energy. Basically, the more you drove the less the car would cost to fill, charging a battery of sorts that fuels the car, on top of petrol. No plugging required. A lesson we would not soon forget after having to sheepishly vacate from a quick charge parking spot, after realizing we were not applicable.

For a 4.5 hour trip there and back, plus all the back and forth that a road trip requires to explore and traverse, we only found ourselves filling up once, when in Oliver, and again when we got home just so that the car was as full of gas as when we got it.

This midsize sedan was comfortable enough to seat three grown adults. The cockpit is spacious like that of an SUV, with plenty of arm room to sprawl. Plus all the modern conveniences of the infotainment system at your fingertips. Heated and cooling seats, the latter ideal of the hot summer weather. Lane assist for when those longer drives have you nodding at the wheel. And a bevy of fine tune capabilities to ensure your seat and lumbar are most comfortable for extended upright seating.

The back row seats had their own arm rest and temperature control station. It did well doubling as a bed for backseat naps along the way. And as a changing room when we needed to complete a costume swap from causal travel to red cocktail attire.

As for how it handled, the 2022 Honda Accord Hybrid was agile and easy to drive. You don’t want to have to fuss around with too many micro settings when doing extensive travel. It was smooth behind the wheel, and left you in control, even on the most winding of roads, and when we found ourselves in the middle of the 11th annual Okanagan Granfondo. This is a mass cycling event where cyclists can choose from one of four distances, each starting and finishing in Penticton: 48km, 85km, 121km, or 153km. For those behind a steering wheel, this means regular roadways became one way, and single direction roads had cyclists on narrow shoulders. Narrow shoulders where the vehicles that drove alongside them had to be careful to not get too close. Trying to overtake the rider, whilst being wary of impeding into the opposite lane of oncoming traffic.

Here, we were happy to have our hybrid. Because if this was a fully electric car, you would have difficulty hearing it coming from behind, an additional danger for bike racers.

In short, we found a great driving companion in the Accord Hybrid. Not only did it get us to where we needed to be on time and with ease, but also doing so in style as well.

In it, we were able to complete this round up of 10 places to visit in Oliver in the 2022 Honda Accord Hybrid.


Phantom Creek Estates
4315 Black Sage Rd, Oliver, BC V0H 1T1
+1 250-498-8367
This is what brought us out here in the first place, and after fully experiencing the winery during a special invent, after taking the private tour with wine tasting, and partaking in their 3 course menu with wine pairings; I can declare with full confidence this might be the most impressive winery in all of the Okanagan. A title and top spot Phantom Creek is already vying for, and no doubt can get.


Hammer’s House of Hog
6607 Main St, Oliver, BC V0H 1T0
+1 250-535-3700
Not the best barbecue comparatively, but as one of the only ones in the game in Oliver, this is the city’s go to for pulled pork and traditional southern style barbecue sauces. Be sure to go early as it is first come first served and even as third in line, we had all their rib tips bought out by the two men just before us.


El Sabor De Marina
5636 Okanagan Hwy #5612, Oliver, BC V0H 1T0
+1 250-974-3616
Authentic Mexican and Latin American cuisine out of a stationary food truck. Choose between beef, pork, or chicken and have them as either tacos, burritos, or quesadillas. Made fresh to order and the flavour is in the sauces. I recommend the pork as the most tastiest of the three.


Oliver Global Grocers
5638 BC-97, Oliver, BC V0H 1T9
+1 250-498-0307
As their awning slogan declares, they are the “window to the world’s kitchen”, supplying Internataional seasonings, products, and goods from India, China, Korea, Japan and everything in between. Find hard to procure items like bubble tea making kits, gochujang sauce mixes, and frozen dim sum. Items readily made available to us in Vancouver, that might not be readily accessible to a small farming town.


District Wine Village
100 Enterprise Way, Oliver, BC V0H 1T2
+1 778-597-0552
As the wine capital of British Columbia, it is hard to pick and choose which wineries to visit in Oliver. Therefore, I suggest removing the hassle of choosing and the travel time by visiting the District Wine Village. A gathering of 13 wineries and distilleries all situated in a literal round community. Each winery has its own shop with plenty of seating. Or you can choose to come together with everyone else at the centre courtyard. As you would in a food court setting, you can either visit each winery as a group, or divide and conquer ordering what you want from where you want.


Foolish Winery
@ District Wine Village
At the District Wine Village I would recommend trying Foolish Wines, as they are the only ones only based out of the Wine Village; with their entire small batch operation held within its small shop. The other wines represented have their own wineries nearby that you can also try when visiting said properties.
Foolish is from the same folks that have brought Yellow Dog Brewing to Port Moody. The name Foolish comes from the feedback they got when they told friends and family that they were starting a wine business. After all, what would beer people from Vancouver know about to producing wine in the Okanagan? And truthfully you can taste this experimental venture in the end product. But the best thing about the Wine Village is that you are able to try and taste wines and spirits you might not otherwise get to. And at $5 a tasting, even if you don’t like it, the price is worth the experience.


Polka Dot Gifts
6264 Main St, Oliver, BC V0H 1T0
+1 250-274-9565
Looking for a keepsake or a souvenir, this little shop of wonders in town has plenty of giftable items and curious knick knacks to have you spending the day exploring their shelves.


Covert Farms Family Estate
300 Covert Pl, Oliver, BC V0H 1T5
+1 250-498-9463
If you are looking for a spot to spend the day, consider Covert Farm and Winery. You can partake in a tasting in their wine barn, reserve one of their picnic options that includes a bottle of their award-winning wines, a local charcuterie with artisanal cheese and seasonal farm fresh veggies. And/or enjoy their mini farm space with farm animals, a water logged slip and slide, and plenty of outdoor lawn games.


Church & State Wines
4516 Ryegrass Rd, Oliver, BC V0H 1T1
+1 250-498-2700
Church and State Winery offers tastings of their traditional French style wines. A $15 fee which includes a souvenir Riedel branded glass to commemorate your time spent and the view you enjoyed drinking against.


Burrowing Owl Estate Winery
500 Burrowing Owl Pl, Oliver, BC V0H 1T1
+1 250-498-0620
And if given the opportunity or resources I suggest a stay at the Burrowing Owl: resort, restaurant, winery all in one. Why leave the property when there is a sun drench pool overlooking their vineyards. And when the sun sets, you can head to your room to change and attend dinner in style with plenty of their award winning wine available by the glass or bottle. Wine for dinner and/or a night cap, back at your room with a view.

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