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Steveston in the 2022 Civic Touring

This week we were sporting the Honda Civic Touring, which saw a big redesign for 2022. By far the Civic is Honda’s most popular model. And this latest makeover has been well received, winning the accolades of Best Car in both Canada and all of North America.

My first car was the 1989 Honda Civic, and looking back, I can honestly say the Civic has come a long way. Compared to a mere couple of years ago this latest reincarnation has it looking less like a sporty plaything, and more like a classic car worthy of coveting. For the young adults, who have aged into working professionals. I myself liked climbing into it and being seen getting out of it.

Although within and under the hood it is still built with the race car’s mentality in mind. With a lowered stance and a lowered centre of gravity to best grip the road. Plus, bucket seats that hug and hold the driver in place during apex turns and speedy twist. Although without the extra cushion and lumbar support on said seat, this isn’t the vehicle you look to for extended periods seated behind the wheel. As I drove, it left as if I was left hanging on in the chair, with little support.

The leather shift knob at least felt like butter under your grip, a similar supple leather as the wheel. Leather that only became more malleable with the heated wheel function in use.

I liked the honeycomb finish of the air condition grill and its toggle knobs. Similarly, the gloss and faux carbon fibre detailing panels gave the Civic Touring an elevated looked. And details with the sun visor along with its mirror and light added to this sleek aesthetic. This all centred around a simple infotainment system than gave you only what you needed, including multiple USB ports and a wireless charging pad. I appreciated the textured knobs on dash, and all the dials on wheel. Each gave a great feel and response when flipped and fondled.

There was plenty of cabin room for a sedan, a solid shell to best have the sound of the speaker bouncing around in surround sound. And I fully appreciated the consideration put into the height placement of the centre arm rest and the supportive cushion on the door. Both were the same height and gave both driver and front seat passenger great alignment and comfort.

As for the way it handled, there was no delay in acceleration from the mere stroke of foot over pedal. The engine roars and the 2022 Civic sounds aggressive. In short a new Civic for a new generation, to continue on its legacy as one the most tried and true vehicles that anyone can appreciate.

And seeing as the 2022 Honda Civic Touring deserved an audience, we took it for a drive around Stevenston Village, compiling our list of must visit stops the next time you are in the area surrounded by salted ocean water, marine life, and much history.


Steveston Fisherman’s Wharf
3866 Bayview St #140, Richmond, BC V7E 4R7, Canada
+1 604-272-5539

The first stop for anyone visiting Steveston is the Marina and Fisherman’s Wharf. Here you can watch fishing boats come ashore with their first catches of the day. Window shop mollusks and shellfish on ice, or pick up a whole fish for filleting for dinner. This is also the place to be when spot prawn season rolls around again.


Win Win Chick-N
12160 First Ave, Richmond, BC V7E 3M2, Canada
+1 778-297-5818

This is the first and original location of the local Filipino inspired fried chicken brand. They were one of the firsts to offer chicken drums bouquets for seasonal gifting instead of flowers. And they also have Filipino style sweet pasta, ube cakes, flans, and corn and cheese ice cream for dessert; all year round.


Little Mexico Cantina
3131 Chatham St #150, Richmond, BC V7E 2Y4, Canada
+1 604-272-5123

Looking to get a little rowdy in Steveston Village? Little Mexico Cantina is your late-night spot for authentic Mexican platters like enchiladas and tacos, and a healthy selection of in-house made infused tequilas. Pick flavours like blackberry and/or jalapeño and have it blended into your perfect icy margarita or enjoy them as is in a flight.


Baan Lao Fine Thai Cuisine
4100 Bayview St, Richmond, BC V7E 6S8, Canada
+1 778-839-5711

Looking for upscale fine dining in Steveston? Then the highly acclaimed, award winning Baan Lao is your destination for authentic Thai cuisine, as a newly minted Michelin restaurant. The owner and head chefs takes the time and care to source quality ingredients from her family’s farm in Thailand, bringing them to Canada to create her dazzling plates that are just as stunning to look at as they are to eat.


Timothy’s Frozen Yogurt Ltd
3800 Bayview St, Richmond, BC V7E 5W3, Canada
+1 604-275-7547

If visiting on a hot sunny day, locals and visitors know to cool down with some of Timonthy’s small-batch frozen yogurt. You can’t miss the constent line out the front door during their busy summer season.


Steveston Pizza Company
3400 Moncton St #100, Richmond, BC V7E 3A2, Canada
+1 604-204-0777
If you are in to over the top, indulgent pizzas, then check out Steveston Pizza Company for their fusion pies topped with seafood from the marina. Towering creation topped with the likes of jumbo shrimp, snow crab legs, lobster tails, and even caviar. This is next level bougie bites at the accompanying cost.


Romania Country Bread
3680 Moncton St, Richmond, BC V7E 3A3, Canada
+1 604-304-0170
One of the more historic places to visit in Steveston is Romania Country Bread. This one man run, specialty bakery, only specializes in sourdough bread, baked the traditional way as they do in Romania. Stop by for a sample, and even if you not interested in purchasing a load, the shop is still one to visit for its overwhelming scent of cedar from its amazing all wood interior.


Storybrooke Clock Tower – Recreation Centre in Steveston
3551 Moncton St, Richmond, BC V7E 3A3
For fans of television series Once Upon A Time, that saw classic Disney characters take on real human lives (which has since ended its run), take in Steveston’s clock tower aka the Recreation Centre that was once a part of Storybrooke history.


Steveston’s Best of British
12031 First Ave #110, Richmond, BC V7E 3M1, Canada
+1 604-370-3375
Looking for unique and exclusively British sweets and biscuits? The Best of British themed shop imports it all. From Walkers brand crisps, to England’s favourite tea, and Cadbury’s extensive chocolate line to various assorted jams and spreads. Treat yourself or get something as a gift for someone one who says they have it all.


Steveston Museum and Post Office
3811 Moncton St, Richmond, BC V7C 3A0, Canada
+1 604-238-8026

Did you know there is a free to enter Museum on Japanese history in Steveston? Based out of the village’s historic postal office, this museum looks at Japanese culture when the fishermen and their families orginally immigrated to the shores of Canada. Take in actual artifacts of domestic living to a full set of samurai armour. Observe their culture and learn a little about Steveston’s history in the process.


Other sightseeing spots worth taking in are the original Gulf of Georgia Cannery, which is a National Historic Site.

The Steveston Tram, a historic railway car permanently parked at its station. The multi directional crosswalk leading into Steveston, the first of its kind in the Lower Mainland, with a nautical touch.

And Pajo’s down by the water for patio friendly fish and chips, just be mindful of the hungry and aggressive marine fowl. The is so much to do in Steveston village that you can spend a whole day exploring, this list is just my recommendation and the tip of the iceberg.

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