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For a while now I have been toying with the idea of doing cannabis reviews. Gone are the days where you had to get a dealer referral from a friend, and to have to meet them in the back alley, adjacent to a graveyard for a shameful one ounce baggie.

The acceptance of cannabis has drastically increased thanks to social media and its mention in music, movies, and pop culture. The marijuana industry is booming and the government is spearing heading its legality by taking the largest cut.

You no longer need to get a doctor’s prescription to be able to purchase THC and CBD products. Now you can walk into any private or government owned dispensary and get the aid of informed staff to help you choose a product that is right for you.

And what is available is not just flowers or bud to smoke, but now comes in new forms that make it more palatable for more people. You can smoke it out of a bong, pipe, or box. Or can get your hit or high with cookies, gummies, and canned soda. And in our case you can try it as drops you take orally as is, or to be mixed into food or drink.

The world is ever evolving and ever advancing and cannabis production and sales are keeping in tow.

For those unfamiliar THC and CBD are two very different oils extracted from cannabis. THC reacts with receptors in the brain, controlling pain, mood, and feelings. This is what we feel when we are “high”, more precisely a head high. Where as CBD offers a body high, and is often linked to feelings of physical well-being.

Today we are exploring a few products from off of the Birch & Fog‘s website. They are a consumer friendly online store with a full catalogue of CBD (Cannabidiol) oil, THC edibles, capsules and tinctures designed to improve physical and mental wellness.

Their packaging and branding looks like vitamins and their descriptions speaks to medicinal use. I found it all approachable and made me feel like it was safe to try, in order to report on the following for this blog.

Perusing the site, we narrowed down what we wanted to sample to three products. Three oils that could bring benefit to our day to day lives. A tincture to help you sleep, a spray to help you keep calm, and a drop to add to food that indirectly eludes to increased pleasure in bed.

The Nighttime Full Spectrum CBD is a 30ml tincture that promises to “aid in sleep, reducing inflammation, and promoting nervous system recovery”. Available in 3 strengths we opted for the beginner level basic. By using the precise dropper included we followed the bottle’s instructions and began our first test with 5 drops, although in truth found it no different than taking 10 on the tongue before bed. We found that what it provides is a body high, where your limbs feel heavy and you in turn keep more still. So it did deliver on its promise to “Promote restful deep sleep” and it does “Soothe anxiety and tension” by association.

The Calm CBD Spray is a handy portable spray that aids in microdosing. Taking enough of the stimulant to provide the desired benefits without altering your state of mind. With a simple spray in toyour open mouth it promises “calming relief for anxiety and addiction on-the-go”. I cannot speak to the addition portion, but did note that the spray did quiet some of the additional voices and thoughts that often run rampant in my head. And in its place offered stillness of the mind. Contentment in what I am doing and not over thinking or worrying past this exact point in place and time. I found peace with the calm. But cannot see one push spray being potent enough to “Curb cravings and impulses” (as advertised), especially of someone suffering from addiction of any kind. And I cannot contest to the statement that this product “Provides relief anywhere, anytime”. What I can confirm is that it is safe and non-toxic as I was accidentally sprayed in the eye with it and having absorbed the tincture through my socket didn’t cause me pain, but only discomfort from its peppermint essence. And because the product did help my mind focus on the present and did stop me from drifting, I can confirm that it does help to “Alleviate anxious feelings discreetly”.

I was most excited to try the THC Liquid Euphoria Tincture. Would this be an aphrodisiac? Would it help in bed like a certain little blue pill?

This is an alcohol-based THC tincture featuring sativa kief, cold brew coffee, and natural aphrodisiacs. The promise is that it “Promotes confidence and creativity unlike any other product.” The website lists that it will “Boost” energy and creativity”, “Enhances mood and motivation”, and “Potentiates social connection”. We tried this as is on the tongue, using the recommend 0.5 dose by way of dropper. However, I do advise that if you were to try it for yourself, to add it to a spirit or flavoured beverage. As is, it has a strong unpleasant flavour, and its dark hue and thick viscosity are not that appetizing.

Almost immediately upon digestion I felt a face and head high. My brain within my head felt heavy with pressure. Although despite its socialization boasts I found myself mellow and lazy. I had no desire to stand, let alone be creative or vigorous. I did note that I felt less inhibited. No insecurities crept into my mind, there was no self doubt, I just existed. So I can see how this would help in bed or the initiation of something. Although, once again I was too lazy to entertain any of that.

To summarize it was nice to be able to try such approachable products with the promise of healing and wellness at the forefront. I do not think I will need them regularly or even look to them for sleep, calm, or sex; but it is nice to know that such easily accessible products exist, and are available online for those who do.


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