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Chatime x Moon & Back Gallery

Chatime 10 Year Anniversary Celebrations at Moon & Back Gallery

In a world where everyone is online and content is king, comes new businesses offering influencers, and those looking for a unique backdrop, the ability to take the perfect selfie. This is Richmond’s Moon & Back Gallery, an indoor space with curated rooms, providing lush and vibrant photo opportunities.

I, myself get out and stay busy with activities, so have yet to visit and engage in such a spectacle. However, when invited to said gallery to help celebrate an occasion, I naturally jumped at the chance.

This is the 10th Anniversary of Chatime (the world wide bubble tea chain), and they are marking the occasion with the help of the Moon & Back Gallery. The latter of which is also celebrating their brand new location, and 3rd season in operation. To commemorate Chatime’s landmark occasion, two new photo opportunities have been erected within the gallery. And as media, we were invited down one day before the new exhibition opened to the public.

We checked in before having free reign of the place. Naturally, you want to make sure you have a friend along to help take photos: you of them and them of you. Mine was Joyce of @monkeyeatsworld as we have a similar impatience threshold, and work our way efficiently and speedily through any situation. And a good thing too, as we arrived early enough to avoid majority of the crowd, and the space with all its additional lights heated up the rooms fairly quick. Of which made it not an ideal situation, considering you are there to look good and take better photos. so last thing you want is to look sweaty in your shots.

Instead of writing it all out, the following are photos of a few rooms that you can expect. We thought we visited them all, but apparently missed out on a handful including a second mirrored room and one that offers an optical illusion. So take a look at what you can expect and hopefully some of this may inspire you to do your own photo shoot at Moon & Back.

Upon exiting we were each given a goodie bag and then treated to some light snacks and drinks. We got to sample Bake Code’s modern take on mooncakes and enjoy small cups of milk tea with sago or grass jelly.

In short this is what you make of it. If you enjoy posing and taking photos, this is definitely for you. Something to do on a rainy pandemic day.

Moon & Back Gallery
150-12111 Bridgeport Road, Richmond BC V6V 1J4
(778) 891-7177

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