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Grey Goose Smooth Putt

Towards the tail end of summer Grey Goose, the single distilled vodka brand, hosted an outdoor mini golf experience in Vancouver. Considering this exhibition brought together my love of drink and golf, I had to go. Interested parties purchased their tickets and time slots online; then simply showed up.

The pop up was hosted at Waterfront, with downtown Vancouver’s skyscrapers as the backdrop. I was utterly impressed by the branding of the entire setting. Their flying goose logo marked the tented bar that centred the course, it was on every golf umbrella that gave cover on a would-be rainy day. Even the topiary was meticulously sheared to resemble a goose in flight.

You check-in at the front of the bar and are given your Grey Goose branded putter, picked your Grey Goose branded ball in either white, pink, yellow, or red (shame you couldn’t keep this as a parting gift), and grabbed your score card and mini pencil.

You have some down time before you round, so are able to pick a high top at their bar area, and enjoy one complimentary Grey Goose forward drink. Additional glasses cost you. For snack there were mini bags of kettle chips available for self serve. If you don’t finish your cocktail by the time your group is up to putt, you can bring it along for the ride. Each hole had its own little side table for you to place your drink on, and clean up with bottle of hand sanitizer.

As is the case with most mini golf courses. You make your way around each hole. The par indicates how many strokes it ought to take, and you record how many you actually took. You try to move at a slower pace in order to allow the group/party before yours the time to finish and move up; so that you, yourself can. You are often left waiting, but at least here, everything is visually stunning.

But the feature had to be the Ferris wheel that actually rotated, with carriages that swung as it did. And when you reached this point, one of the course attendees took your photo on a Polaroid. This was your souvenir of your time spent.

Sadly, this experience was only for two weeks and is no longer available for those reading this post. My apologies, I intended to cover and review this event well before it began, however due to the hacking and deleting of my blog, I am finding the need to simply catch up now. Therefore I hope you enjoyed the recap, and that the photos inspire you to look out for more events like this, from them, in the future.

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