Wings And Wizards 2021

Wings and Wizards 2021

This summer, in a move to head back towards life with occasions and going ons, Vancouver’s newest themed event is ready to surprise and delight at B.C. Place. Wings and Wizard, the magic meets technology experience has officially started as of Tuesday June 8th 2021; and I got this sneak peek of what to expect the day before.

For all those who wish they were wizards, and for those who wish to escape this world to one of mysticism and intrigue instead, this one is for you. Show runners have created a magical space and time; where, equipped with wands you and your safety bubble group of 6 at a time, venture through a labyrinth. You shuffle through various rooms in search for the last dragon’s egg. The course snakes around and over 7,000 square feet inside BC Place. It takes you from a Wizard’s Academy to a banquet hall, then from a potions lab to the Enchanted Forest.

Tickets vary, with each group pricing including the LED wand for entry. It is a necessary tool if you are going to get far in your adventure. this is a self guided tour with cues to prompt you along. You explore rooms without touching. Photos are strongly recommended, but you are asked to not use your flash.

Without spoiling too much, here are so photos to give you a taste of what is in store. Including fun mini games, interesting dialogue, and some unique backdrops to take a photo in front of. The rest is house keeping information from the press release.

Tickets for this touch-free family-friendly experience are available at

Wings and Wizards showcases the meeting point between technology and magic, making use of cutting-edge interactivity, such as motion tracking, proximity-based devices, lights, projections, props, and soundscapes — all to weave a truly spellbinding narrative experience.

Wings and Wizards has been specifically designed with stringent COVID-19 protocols in place, in full accordance with British Columbia’s public health guidelines. Onsite rules and procedures for this contactless experience will include a mask requirement, hygiene stations, a definitive audience flow, and physically distanced, timed, and staggered entry for pods of up to 6 people within the same social bubble.

Event: Wings and Wizards
Dates: June 8* to September, 2021
Venue: BC Place, Gate A, directly off Terry Fox Plaza (Beatty St. at Robson St.)
Hours: Monday to Friday: 1pm to 9:15pm. Saturday & Sunday: 11am to 9:15pm.
Tickets: Prices begin at $65, with duo and family packages starting at $100. Each ticket package comes with 1 wand included. Additional wands may be purchased for $30 each online at the time of ticket purchase. Tickets are available online at and Ticketmaster.
Recommended Ages: This is a family-friendly exhibit for all ages. Babes in arms (24-months and under) do not need to purchase a ticket.

BC Place
777 Pacific Blvd, Vancouver, BC V6B 4Y8
(604) 669-2300

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