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ARC Restaurant and Bar

I have been to Arc Dining at Fairmont Waterfront twice in recent. On both occasions they were a restaurant of convenience in the area, with a good menu, that did not need reservations, nor was there a wait for a table.

On this night, it was for dinner after a wine tasting, where reds free-flowed and the bites that accompanied them were canapés. So to round out the night, our group of 5 flocked to Arc for some waterfront dining.

I will pre-apologize for the pour quality of photos taken, they truly speak to the state we were in.

As is typically the case, a side order of Truffle fries were a hit post drinking. kennebec potatoes, truffle, grana Padano, and house aioli.

The Crispy Chicken wings were a nice option. Meaty wings seasoned with honey and a ras el hanout spice.

I had a craving for something comforting so ordered the Grilled Cheese + Tomato Soup. I feel that every good sandwich deserves a tangy tomato soup. I liked the thick and creamy soup just fine, but found the cheese could have been sharper to better contrast it. This was fontina and parmesan butter between crispy sourdough.

The Angus Beef Striploin was prepared medium rare with creamed spinach, caramelized shallots, mushrooms, and béarnaise. Thick and meaty, it satisfied the hungriest of us.

I am a fan of their Grill Sakura Pork Chop, served tomahawk style, on bone. Crispy skin and fatty meat, it leaves you craving for a fresher side.

The Sunchokes were like a cross between potatoes and yams, with a leafy green flavour, all coated in butter. Delicious, I could have had a plate to myself.

The truffle morel mushroom orecchiette pasta was firm and only just tender. A great texture to chew through, fully coated in truffle cream sauce. The shape of the pasta carried it like a spoon. The mushrooms were a nice break in texture, everyone especially enjoyed the morels.

One day I would like to visit Arc, during the day. I hear their all you can eat weekend brunches are worth trying. But until then, solid spot for finer, late night feasting. A menu with plenty to offer.

ARC Restaurant and Bar
900 Canada Pl, Vancouver, BC V6C 3L5
(604) 691-1818

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