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Cavo, Fiesta Hour

Today we had an evening of comedy planned, so looking for some food before our evening of heavy drinking, we went to the nearby Cavo bistro to take advantage of their happy hour specials.

Titled Fiesta Hour, there was a whole folded menu insert dedicated to discounted food and drink. And little did we know, they also had a Monday features list for us to take advantage of today (as it was a Monday).

The narrow bistro/bar is set with historic red brick on the right and a modern stucco wall with hung art on the left. A cozy nook of a restaurant with balsam lighting fixtures, faux foliage hanging from the ceiling, and a quote to help you embark on your night in neon.

We started with a couple of happy hour house wines in red and white. And quickly moved on to food. The Fiesta menu is divided by “from the land”, “from the sea”, and “from the garden” as self explanatory categories. We went with drunk eating classics.

The Mediterranean grilled sausage was only available on the Fiesta menu for $12. One full sausage sliced down to size, sitting on a pile of home made fries topped with melted feta cheese, fresh tomato, red onions and bell peppers. Crispy fries, but there was not enough topping to coat and flavour each stick of potato. And I didn’t find it all cohesive assembled as such. Overall, zesty flavours for easy sharing, that I would have preferred all wrapped up in a pita, fries and all.

Fiesta Hour saves you $4 on any of their wings. Having never heard or tried their food, we kept it safe with the classic honey garlic dressing. Saucy and sweet with a charred flavour that you lick your fingers clean of. Each drumlet and wing was meaty and ate as expected, no complaints.

And on Mondays all pizza are $18, whereas they are regularly $21-25 for a whole. We went for their Lucky Luciano a thick and hearty pizza topped with chopped prawn, pesto, oven dried tomatoes, fresh basil, and so much melty mozzarella. Not a gourmet thin crust pizza which I am partial to, but a great option to leave you feeling full on. Even chopped, the prawns were large and juicy, and the sugars in the tomato marinara sauce made them all the more sweeter, where the pesto offered a salty contrast. Great as leftovers.

As a whole, Cavo is a solid quick and easy stop for happy hour. There were plenty of daily specials to leave you ordering enough and moving on fast to your next stop.

Cavo Bar+Kitchen
911 Granville St, Vancouver, BC V6Z 1L3
(604) 568-3454

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