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CoCo Tea YVR, 25th Anniversary

CoCo, the popular bubble tea chain from Taiwan is celebrating its 25th year anniversary, and reflecting on its growth into the global brand it has become. With over 5000 stores in 150 cities, worldwide. They pride themselves on their high standards for quality and consistency, which they attribute it to their years of success. That and their ability to continue to follow and be inspired by new trends and the possibility of new flavours. Such as the sparkling green grape that Diana of @foodologyca has been eager to try. A juice is only available at Richmond and Surrey locations.

She, Joyce of @vanfoodies and I visited their Richmond Oval location to pick up our favourite drinks and learn more about their up coming promotions.

To celebrate their anniversary they have launched new cups. A bold orange motif that advertises their coming of age.

And for those who get their hands on these cups, CoCo Tea YVR is inviting you to take a creative photo or video with your drink in cup and to share it on Instagram. Post or upload a reel using the tag, #CoCoTeaYVR25 for a chance to win a $25 giftcard. The contest runs until October 1st, where 4 winners will be chosen based on your creativity.

And not only that, both their Richmond Oval Location and South Surrey Location are offering BOGO specials. Buy one get one free deals on drinks. At a week apart, it gives you reason to visit both to buy any large drink of your choosing, in order to get a free medium classic Pearl Milk Tea as a bonus.

The Richmond Oval Village will be running this offer from October 1-5th, while the Peninsula Village South Surrey location will be offering their BOGO from October 7-10th.

If neither of the two locations are convenient for you, other locations are offering medium Pearl milk teas for $2.50, on select days only.

  • Monday, September 26: Guilford Town Centre (Surrey) – Pearl Milk Tea (Medium) for only $2.50
  • Tuesday, September 27: Blundell Centre (Richmond) – Pearl Milk Tea (Medium) for only $2.50
  • Wednesday, September 28: Central City (Surrey) – Pearl Milk Tea (Medium) for only $2.50
  • Thursday, September 29: Continental Centre (Richmond) – Pearl Milk Tea (Medium) for only $2.50
  • Friday, September 30: Oval Village (Richmond) – Pearl Milk Tea (Medium) for only $2.50
  • Thursday, October 6: Peninsula Village (South Surrey) – Pearl Milk Tea (Medium) for only $2.50


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