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House of Tofu Soup

Following our time at a Korean spa, we thought it would be poetic to keep Korean a theme, with an early dinner. We drove by and saw no line, plus enough easy parking that we thought to give Tofu Soup a try.

What looks non descript and cold on the outside is charmingly warm on the inside. Enough to set our expectations at pleasantly surprised. We would grab one of their small wooden tables, distantly spaced in accordance with the latest restrictions. The menu is an easy read, taped to each table top. Each with full coloured photos of all their menu items.

As per Korean dining tradition, we started off with small appetizers that we had seconds of. The sweet soy sauce onion had a nice texture to it, firm and even, more like daikon or any other root vegetable. The seaweed salad was presented chilled and seasoned tangy with a nice chew. The mashed cassava with peas was also kept cold. It had a pasty texture, like a starchier mashed potato.

For mains we had to try their tofu soup, given that it is their name sake. We went with their soup combination set and was able to choose the protein or main flavour agent we wanted for our soup and any bulgoghi to pair with it, plus steamed rice.

We went with the seafood option that pictorially showed shrimp and clams and opted to go regular over the other options of hot, extra hot, mild, and white (as in no spice). The soup only had a few pieces of the aforementioned shellfish, band mostly tofu and semi spicy broth. Comforting and warming, this was exactly as expected.

We went with the Beef bulgogi and it came sizzling on a hot plate, partnered with a squeeze bottle of extra sauce, should you see fit to use it. Like the soup above, this too was pretty standard. Solid, but not memorable over any other version.

I am a fan of Korean rice cakes, so will always order it when I see it. I was very happy that their Mandeukee rice cake comes with a serving of their fried dumplings as well. The dumplings are available as a separate menu item, but you get two for one by ordering the rice cake here.

Although I do advise eating the dumplings first, because the longer they sit under the pile of rice cakes, the soggier their once crispy shell becomes. They are filled with onion and minced meat, but eat fairly bland, and are in dire need of the sauce their are drowned in. As for the rice cake, they were perfect. The ideal gnaw for its sweet and sticky sauce. A sauce that finishes tangy and bright in the mouth.

At this point we were pretty happy with our meal thus far, so thought to add on another dish, one that we were interested in trying and could take home as leftovers to enjoy later. This was the Soo rah available in beef, pork, or chicken with veggies and more rice cake. It is essentially the Korean take on Chinese beef and broccoli, but with rice cakes as tasty filler. Sadly this one came under seasoned, but luckily we still had our squeeze bottle of sauce to easily remedy the dish.

In conclusion Tofu Soup serves as a quick and easy stop for Korean food. They haven’t recreated the wheel by any means, but have done well to provide tried and true favourites at a reasonable price.

House of Tofu Soup
4563 North Rd #1, Burnaby, BC V3N 4J5
(604) 420-5254

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